Sunday, December 20, 2015

Cover Reveal: UNSEEN MESSAGES by Pepper Winters

Title: Unseen Messages
Author: Pepper Winters
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: Early 2016

Happy Sunday everybody! I'm excited to show you the beautiful book cover of one of my favorite authors, Pepper Winters and her upcoming standalone UNSEEN MESSAGES!! This author is well known for her dark romances but this is going to be her very first contemporary romance so we can't miss that, it already sounds amazing! Enjoy here the blurb and a part of the prologue!! :D


There is a message for everything. From handwritten to verbal, seen and unseen. 

Messages exist all around us.

But what if you don't see? 

What if you don't understand?

What if by ignoring the message, your life is never the same again?




Either unnoticeable or obvious, it’s up to us to pay attention. 

I didn’t pay attention. 

Instinct tried to take notice; the world tried to prevent my downfall.

I didn’t listen.

I’ll forever wonder what would’ve happened if I did pay attention to those messages. Would I have survived? Would I have fallen in love? Would I have been happy?

Then again, perhaps just like messages existed, fate existed, too. 

And no matter what life path we choose, fate always has the final say.

I didn’t listen but it doesn’t mean I didn’t live.

I just lived a different tale than the one I’d envisioned. 

Away from my home.

Away from my family.

Away from everything comfortable and familiar.  

But I wasn’t alone…

I was with him. 

And he became my entire universe.

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