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Book Review: A LOVER'S LAMENT by K.L. Grayson & B.T. Urruela

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: 6 October 2015


In a matter of seconds my entire world changed, and it was in that moment that I stopped living and simply began to exist. 

In my grief, I sent a letter to the first boy I ever loved. I hoped in writing it I’d find some peace from the nightmare I was living, some solace in my anger.

I didn’t expect him to write back. I wasn’t prepared for his words, and I certainly wasn’t ready for the impact this soldier would have on my life. A deep-rooted hate transformed into friendship, and then molded into a love like I’d never known before. 

Sergeant Devin Ulysses Clay did what I couldn’t: he put the shattered pieces of my heart back together, restoring my faith in humanity and teaching me how to live again.

But now that I’m whole, I have a decision to make. Do I return to my life as I knew it and the fiancĂ© I left behind, or do I walk away from it all for the only man to ever break my heart? 

I’ve been living in hell, but you won’t hear me complain. 

These men depend on me, as I do them, and this brotherhood is the only family I’ve ever known.

The Army saved me from a callous mother and a life on the wrong side of the tracks that was quickly spiraling out of control. So unlike most of the men in my platoon, going home wasn’t something I longed for. 

I was content overseas, spending my days defending this country that gave me my life back. Fighting became my new normal … until her. 

A letter from Katie Devora—a letter that I almost didn’t open. Her words put a fire back inside of me that I didn’t know I’d lost. She gave me hope during a time when I was fighting every day just to stay alive, and now it’s time I fight for her.



This military/second chance romance was captivating. It was a story I couldn't stop feeling in my heart right from the prologue and all the way to the epilogue. The way the heartbreak and lament are depicted here plus the hope the characters hold on to so tightly throughout everything truly makes this a beautiful heartfelt story.

That’s the great thing about love … it finds you. And when it’s true love, it doesn’t go away, and you just know. You don’t have to wonder or guess, because it just … is.”

In love since little kids, Katie and Devin always envisioned their lives together somehow. Their bond started as best friends first but then it rapidly evolved into the lovers they were meant to be. However, at eighteen life forces them them apart leaving them both heartbroken and it's until ten-years later that destiny reconnects them in such an incredible way. Through a pen pal soldier program Katie miraculously comes across Devin's name on a list and finds out that he's now Sergeant Devin Ulysses Clay currently deployed in Iraq. And that's who they start to communicate and let me tell you, through words on paper or computer they gave me ALL THE FEELS. There was so much anticipation and longing with every next letter/email, with what would they say to each other, and with how would they handle their pasts and now Devin's dangerous present. All of those were constant worries for them which made every word they uttered to one another that much more precious and heartfelt.

“The unknown is scary, and there are no guarantees where war is concerned, but if there’s one thing you need to know—one thing that I want you to carry with you—it’s that I will fight like hell to make it back to you.”

Aside from the amazing romance I got here, I found this story also beautiful at showing glimpses of the life of amazing heroes. Since the book is told in dual POVs I got to read Devin's side of the story too and I have to say, those chapters of his felt so poignant, strong, and very much admirable. The comradely between him and his soldiers, the details about their lives in the war, and their strength as human beings really struck me deeply. So I found Devin's chapters to be some of my favorite ones in the book for those very reasons.

No matter how this place changes me down the road, I will always be grateful for these friendships. These men are my brothers.

I so recommend this gorgeous and courageous story to everybody. The strength of the characters and inspirational love they share will captivate you to no end. Moreover, military romances can be so powerful at conveying a message and this one totally does it beautifully. ♥

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