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Book Review: TAINTED BLACK by Shanora Williams

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: 11 September 2015


Dear Mr. Black,

I know you were hurting. I heard your cries. I wished over and over again that I could make it better, but as you stated I was too inexperienced; too good for someone as bad as you.
Perhaps you were right, but it didn’t matter because what I did know was that I loved the way you felt—loved the way you smelled. I loved how hard you got for me, and when you called me your Little Knight. 
I can still remember that day in the park, when you held me close and kissed me deep. How you effortlessly made me cry your name on top of sweet smelling grass, making me feel like the only girl in the world. I loved how you looked at me, how you spoke to me.
I had been madly in love with you ever since I was twelve years old, but I shouldn’t have been. 
Isabelle would have hated it—my best friend. I couldn’t afford to lose her. Besides, you two had already lost enough. Losing Mrs. Black was the epitome.

It’s Chloe Knight. 
I wanted to be there for you no matter what, but Isabelle needed me too. 
And she would have hated me if she ever found out I was sleeping with her father.



Wow, Ms. Williams has done it again! She just managed to make me fall in love with another of her imperfect love stories. This time with a story that was as intense as it was conflicting yet, a story so honest and thoroughly put together. I seriously have to applaud this author's talent because no one has made me enjoy and feel so content about tragic love stories like she does with hers. With Tainted Black she delivers a passionate, beautiful, and flawed romance that captivated me for showing me the realness in love.

“We weren’t a normal fling. We were unusual, rare and, sadly, the unusualness—the reality—was what stood in the way of complete happiness between us.”

This is the story of Chloe Knight and Theo Black. Two characters that should have never crossed paths romantically but fate and circumstances brought them together anyway. And it's that same fate that takes them on a forbidden romance that may cost them everything. You see, Chloe is best friends with Izzy, Theo's only daughter. That makes Theo twenty-years older than Chloe and a very forbidden man. The age difference and their connection to Izzy should have been enough warnings but after Theo's wife is tragically murdered, Theo isn't in a good place and the only one caring for him even at those dark times is that beautiful girl who's lived across from him for the past seven years. That's how at nineteen Chloe can't keep holding in her feelings anymore for that forbidden yet wonderful man she's always loved in secret and so one night she gives in to the emotions just like he does. But then their twisted fate takes them apart to bring them back together again three years later and that's when their beautiful affair really begins.

“I tried hard to fight the chills he gave me, wanting badly to ignore the galloping of my heartbeat. But his smile was too perfect.” 

“The way my chest grew hot when I realized it was pure joy I gave her. I had no idea how I made her so happy. I didn’t know what it was about me that she liked so much.”

Chloe is now twenty-two-years old and back home for the summer from college to take care of her sick father. When she sees Theo again the pull they once shared three years ago is tenfold and as much as their attraction and later on deep love may feel wrong, it also feels so right to them that they just can't stay away from each other. Not even when they know their relationship will hurt the one person they both love dearly.

“We ventured into the same blackness I couldn’t seem to escape, sinking further and further into the sea. But being under this sea was different. We could breathe, so it was okay. We could feel and touch and move. Nothing held us back, and nothing saw us. Just like the ocean, our black sea was full of wonders—full of uniqueness and secrecy. It was our place, this vast ocean we lived in. It was for us, and the only way it could have been ruined was if something intruded, messing up the fluidity and transforming it into a menacing typhoon.”

I loved this forbidden romance. The passion, longing, and guilt between these two had my heart squeezing with emotions. At first the age difference and the fact that the characters knew each other since the heroine was twelve made me a little apprehensive but it did't take long for me to completely forget about that because Ms. Williams is amazing about delivering this delicate story. Every moment she creates is perfect making everything feel tasteful, realistic, and mostly she makes you feel these two human characters. That's what I loved the most about this book, how it challenged my perceptions and really made me feel the love for what it was no matter the circumstances.

“The urge to push him away was strong, but not as strong as my need to pull him close and never let go.”

As you can see, Tainted Black is not a sweet or easy love story. No, it's actually a flawed romance about falling in love with the wrong person and following one's heart even when it may lead to heartbreak. But most of all, this is a beautiful love story about learning, about forgiving, and about growing up. I really loved this book and omg, that epilogue was pure perfection! I totally recommend this story if you want to read something captivating, different and real. 

“You are my little knight,” he murmured. “My rock. My savior.”

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