Friday, August 21, 2015

Cover Reveal: ROUSTABOUT by Jane Harvey-Berrick

Title: Roustabout
Author: Jane Harvey-Berrick
Genre: New Adult
Publication Date: 9 September 2015

Look at this beauty of a cover!! ROUSTABOUT is book three in the Traveling series but it will be a standalone and it's releasing on 9 Sept. Check it out, it sounds awesome!


Twelve years ago Tucker McCoy walked away from the hell that was his family with not much more than the shirt on his back. No regrets. Never once looking back.

Living his life as a roustabout turned stunt rider with a traveling carnival keeps a smile on his face. His new family are the people he’s chosen to be in his life, the people who travel his road. Kes, Zach and Zef don’t share his blood, but they share his hopes and dreams. Understand his fears and know what makes him tick. They’re his brothers, his real family.

If you keep moving, no one can catch you—it’s a simple rule. So when Tucker crosses paths with Tera Hawkins, he knows he should move on. There’s no woman that’s ever been worth breaking his rules for. Besides, she’s off limits, untouchable. He knows stronger men would walk away, but dammit, he’s always been weak.

All he can offer her is a night she’ll never forget, but will that one taste be enough?

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#1 - The Traveling ManAmazon US * Amazon UK
#2 - The Traveling Woman: Amazon US * Amazon UK
#3 - Roustabout: 9 Sept

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