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Kristen Ashley & Rock Chick Rendezvous!! - Giveaway

Happy Sunday, everybody! You know how we love our books and hence we love our authors? Well, one ultimate favorite author of mine is Kristen Ashley, the Rock Chick Queen! Omg, I remember when I just started reading romance books she was one of the very first authors I discovered and I immediately fell in love with her writing, storytelling, and her unforgettable characters. Back in those days I seriously had some book-hangovers because of her and even today, there's no one like her that makes me feel so overjoyed after reading a romance story. So today I wanted to do a post about Kristen and if you're new to her, show you her amazing work which I cannot recommend enough and of course do an awesome giveaway too! ♥

Also, last week I had the chance to be part of Kristen's Rock Chick Rendezvous tour and I had a blast! I can truly say that aside from being an amazing author she's also a wonderful person, always the sweetest and genuine to her Rock Chicks. The tour is doing two more stops before it's over so if you think you can be part of it don't think it twice, it's an awesome experience! I not only got to see the Rock Chick Queen but also meet other readers and authors (Carey Heywood and Alice Tribue) that just like me love Kristen's books so together we all had a blast, here are some pics!! :D

Now back to Kristen's books! She has published nearly fifty books so far and they range from contemporary to paranormal series and some standalone stories. Even though most of her books are in series, something she's well known for is connecting her characters from one series to another so the reading order of such series is sometimes debatable. I personally think that you can start with the first book of any of her series and decide as you go but if you like some guidance, here's how I got hooked to her books!

The very first book I read of Kristen was Mystery Man, book one in the Dream Man series. This is a series of alpha males to die for and each book is a standalone but characters interconnect and books should be read in order. I loved all of these four books but my favorite was Law Man.

#1 - Mystery Man: Amazon US * Amazon UK
#2 - Wild Man: Amazon US * Amazon UK
#3 - Law Man: Amazon US * Amazon UK
#4 - Motorcycle Man: Amazon US * Amazon UK (final book)

After the incredible dream men you can dive into the Rock Chick series. This is a series of badass alphas and together with their Rock Chicks they're hilarious. Every book focuses on a different couple but again all the stories interconnect so these should definitely be read in order. My favorite Rock Chick book was Rock Chick Revolution.

#1 - Rock Chick: Amazon US * Amazon UK
#2 - Rock Chick Rescue: Amazon US * Amazon UK
#3 - Rock Chick Redemption: Amazon US * Amazon UK
#4 - Rock Chick Renegade: Amazon US * Amazon UK
#5 - Rock Chick Revenge: Amazon US * Amazon UK
#6 - Rock Chick Reckoning: Amazon US * Amazon UK
#7 - Rock Chick Regret: Amazon US * Amazon UK
#8 - Rock Chick Revolution: Amazon US * Amazon UK (final book)

Then there's the Colorado Mountain series which includes sweeter romances with strong heroes that totally melted my heart. I have to yet read Jagged and Kaleidoscope but my favorite so far is Breathe. Again, books should be read in order and there will be a total of eight books at the end.

#1 - The GambleAmazon US * Amazon UK
#2 - Sweet DreamsAmazon US * Amazon UK
#3 - Lady LuckAmazon US * Amazon UK
#4 - BreatheAmazon US * Amazon UK
#5 - JaggedAmazon US * Amazon UK
#6 - KaleidoscopeAmazon US * Amazon UK

Now the Unfinished Hero series! These books have more darker, edgier, and intense heroes but I loved them just as much. These are standalone stories but again characters interconnect and I suggest reading these books before the Chaos series or at least before Ride Steady to understand some connections there. Books should be read in order and my favorite is Deacon.

#1 - Knight : Amazon US * Amazon UK
#2 - CreedAmazon US * Amazon UK
#3 - RaidAmazon US * Amazon UK
#4 - DeaconAmazon US * Amazon UK * My Review
#5 - Untitled

After the fun Rock Chicks and the Colorado Mountain I read Own the Wind and Fire Inside from the Chaos series. This is a MC series and the heroes are total badasses but with the biggest of hearts. This is also a spin-off series from the Motorcycle Man so I strongly recommend reading the Dream Man series first to understand this series as a whole. My favorite is Ride Steady.

#1 - Own the WindAmazon US * Amazon UK
#2 - Fire InsideAmazon US * Amazon UK
#3 - Ride SteadyAmazon US * Amazon UK * My Review
#4 - Walk Through FireAmazon US * Amazon UK (27 Oct)

Aww the Magdalene series. I've read The Will and loved it, I have to yet read Soaring and I can't wait. These also should be read in order but you can start this series at any time so this could be a good place to start too if you're knew to Kristen. There will be three books in total for this series.

#1 - The WillAmazon US * Amazon UK * My Review
#2 - SoaringAmazon US * Amazon UK
#3 - Untitled

And The 'Burg series... I'm ashamed to say but I haven't read this one yet but I so want to! I'm told these are beautiful second chance stories. You could start here if you're new to Kristen but be sure to read the books in order too. 

#1 - For YouAmazon US * Amazon UK
#2 - At PeaceAmazon US * Amazon UK
#3 - Golden TrailAmazon US * Amazon UK
#4 - Games of the HeartAmazon US * Amazon UK
#5 -The PromiseAmazon US * Amazon UK
#6 - Hold OnAmazon US * Amazon UK (1 Sept) (final book)

I haven't read Heaven and Hell yet but it's also a contemporary romance standalone I can't wait to devour. There will be another book in this series to come soon.

#1 - Heaven and Hell: Amazon US * Amazon UK
#2 - Untitled

The Three series is a paranormal romance series including vampires and werewolves. I don't usually read much paranormal but I'm sure these are amazing so I have them on my TBR list! They should be read in order too.

#1 - Until the Sun Falls from the Sky: Amazon US * Amazon UK
#2 - With Everything I Am: Amazon US * Amazon UK
#3 - Wild and Free: Amazon US * Amazon UK

The Ghost and Reincarnation series is another paranormal series about ghosts and fantasy and it's inspired by actual castles. Best to be read in order.

#1 - Penmort Catle: Amazon US * Amazon UK
#2 - Sommerstage House: Amazon US * Amazon UK
#3 - Lacybourne Manor: Amazon US * Amazon UK
#4 - Fairytale Come Alive: Amazon US * Amazon UK
#5 - Lucky Stars: Amazon US * Amazon UK

And more paranormal with the Fantasyland series. These can be read as standalones and they're setup in our world and a parallel universe. There will be a total of five books for this series.

#1 - Wildest Dreams: Amazon US * Amazon UK
#2 - The Golden Dynasty: Amazon US * Amazon UK
#3 - Fantastical: Amazon US * Amazon UK
#4 - Broken Dove: Amazon US * Amazon UK
#5 - Untitled

These three books are standalone stories and can be read at any time.

Play It Safe: Amazon US * Amazon UK (contemporary)
Three Wishes: Amazon US * Amazon UK (paranormal)
 Matilda SuperWitch: Amazon US * Amazon UK (paranormal)

Connect with Kristen Ashley on:
3 Paperbacks of RIDE STEADY by Kristen Ashley

Any 1 eBook by Kristen Ashley, winner's choice!


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