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Excerpt & Giveaway: SAWYER SAYS by Carey Heywood

Title: Sawyer Says
Author: Carey Heywood
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: 6 May 2014

Happy Thursday everyone! Today I have to share an excerpt I love from SAWYER SAYS by Carey Heywood. This is a standalone novel about a girl who's been damaged, doesn't trust, and so only wants no strings attached when it comes to relationships. Well, until she meets Jared and he slowly changes her mind... *Sigh,* this is a book I've been wanting to read badly and even more now after this heartfelt excerpt so I'm definitely moving it up in my tbr list!! If you haven't one-clicked it yet, right now it's on sale for just $0.99 and if you visit my Facebook page you can enter to win 1 of 3 eBook copies. So good luck and happy reading! :D


Sawyer says…
Casual flings are the only way to go.
Everyone you trust eventually leaves.
Falling in love is for anyone, but her.

What else would she say when all she knows is loss and abandonment? Sawyer Sterling learned too young that depending on anyone else will get her nothing but heartache in the end. Never shying away from outwardly showing her love, she struggles accepting it herself. Stubbornly, she vows to never risk her heart. 

Dealing with revelations she never saw coming, her impulse is to distance herself from emotional entanglements. When her past collides with her present, can Jared Keller help prove to her just how wrong her assumptions are? He is the exception to her argument that everyone leaves. Will she ever see him as something she deserves?


His lips search for mine, ghosting a trail up my neck, across my chin before settling on mine. I’m unprepared for the emotion behind this kiss. There is an invitation in it that I can’t accept, and he feels it. He releases me, gently setting me down before placing one chaste kiss on my forehead.

I sink back down to the bench by the door as he moves to lean against the wall facing me. It’s coming. I can tell. I’ve been here before. We’re going to have the “where is this going?” talk.

He examines his boots and the small puddle of melted snow forming around them before his eyes drift up to mine. “I’m in love with you, Sawyer.”

I start to say something, but he stops me by lifting his hand. “And I know you don’t love me back.”
My mouth hangs open. I should say something. I should tell him that I do love him but that would be a lie because he isn’t talking about the love you have for a friend. The love he wants from me I don’t have to give. I’m just missing that piece.  

“Jared...” My voice trails off.

He squats in front of me, cupping my face in his hands. “I knew what I was getting into with you. You don’t have to love me back.”

That’s a first. This is usually where any guy I’m seeing and I will go our separate ways. I’m not prepared for him to say it’s okay that I don’t love him that way.

“I do love you,” I insist.

“As a friend,” he finishes the sentence I intended to leave unsaid.

His hands drop to his boots, untying one and then the other. He’s still crouched right in front of me.
Once they’re loose, he slides his hands up my legs to cup me behind my knees. “Right now, all I want to do is take you upstairs and bury myself in you. You game?”

I gulp as I nod, unable to find an adequate response for the hundredth time today. He pulls hard on my legs, pulling me into his lap as my hands rise to grip his shoulders. He stands, taking me with him. He steps out of his boots before carrying me upstairs. His mouth hovers in front of mine, but we don’t kiss. Instead, our eyes stay locked in some sort of sensual staring contest. I don’t know why, but I won’t blink first, not now.

He sets me down on the edge of the bed and slowly peels my clothes off. As each layer is removed, I feel warmth instead of the chill I should. He’s slow, methodical in his movements. It takes me a moment to grasp what’s different. This isn’t just sex. The expression in his eyes confirms it. His gentle touch erases any doubt. 

Jared is about to make love to me.

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