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Book Review: WHEN CICADAS CRY by Laura Miller

Genre: New Adult
Publication Date: 14 July 2015


One moment. One moment can shape our entire life.

One deep breath.

One slow exhale.
One painted sunrise.
One taste of forbidden love.
One word spoken too soon.
One word spoken too late.
One dance with a stranger.
One wayward memory. 
One secret kept just a moment too long.

That’s all it takes.

But what I didn't know when we locked eyes that first time was that every moment we shared was just another moment leading up to that one that would forever change the course of our lives.

It was the moment that I knew he knew. It was just a hunch, a feeling, a soft whisper to my soul. But it was in that moment—that one, life-altering instant—that I knew I had lost him.

When Omaha-native Ashley Westcott suddenly shows up in Remington Jude’s small, Missouri town, she’s the talk of the town. When she leaves abruptly one day, the rumors fly. But only Rem knows why she left, and he’s not talking.

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When Cicadas Cry was another beautiful love story by this wonderful author. Here Ms. Miller yet again creates the kind of characters I so very much love from her books; genuine, humble, and heartwarming characters that captivate with the simplest of words because you just feel them speaking from the heart. Something else I love about this author, which was beautifully portrayed in this book as well, it's how she can so easily make my heart melt over and over again with just two people falling in love with each other. I think that's a very unique attribute to this author and the reason why I keep going back to her stories for more of that heartfelt romance.

In the next heartbeat, her light green eyes are on me, and then before too long, all I feel is a smile pushin’ up my face. And it’s funny, but I swear the world just stops, like literally, just freezes on its axis, just so we can have our moment—a private moment, where we say everything and nothin’ at all. And I can’t be sure what she’s sayin’, but I know what I’m sayin’. I’m sayin’: I like you; I think you might like me, at least a little; and I don’t want this conversation to end; and I, sure as hell, don’t want this night to end.

This story takes place in a small town in Missouri and it begins when town boy meets city girl. When Remington sees Ashley for the first time he's completely taken by her. Her beauty, her playfulness, and her curious personality were all like a straight arrow to Rem's heart. That's why after that meeting he feels like he has to know her and find out if she could ever feel the same way about him. Well, fortunately for Rem the same happens to Ashley. She also gets completely smitten by his charms, persistence, and attractiveness even at a time in her life where she wasn't exactly looking for love but couldn't help but fall for Rem.

“For the first time in a really long time, I feel as if it might not be so bad to fall head over heels for a beautiful stranger. And maybe it's because he doesn't feel like a stranger at all, really.

But as soon as you feel the love and tenderness getting a hold of the characters that's when the plot in the story starts to spin. With chapters that alternate between past and present, Rem and Ashley's story is told from a past where they're in love to a present where they're brokenhearted and apart. So the big question is what happened? Well, that's the emotional journey these characters take you on and it's not a perfect one. It's a journey of love, faith, and the precious moments that make all the difference.

“Why does it have to hurt so much?” I ask. Her smile fades a little. 
“It’s not supposed to be painless, Rem. It’s supposed to be worth it.”

Again, something this author does wonderfully is making the characters fall deeply in love and I absolutely love that about her stories. Even when the 'falling in love' is a process, I can always see and feel it happening in the perfect moments she creates with all the firsts between the characters and how magical those moments truly feel to me. So yes, I looove romance and I was very happy to have found it again in When Cicadas Cry. This story sure delivered on it with a heartfelt story about faith, strength, and a beautiful message about how love isn't always painless but definitely worth everything to keep it. ♥

“Real love bleeds. That’s how you know it’s real.”

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