Wednesday, June 10, 2015

New Release: LEARNING TO FALL by Jillian Eaton - Excerpt & Giveaway

Title: Learning to Fall
Author: Jillian Eaton
Genre: New Adult
Publication Date: 9 June 2015

I think I may have found our next teacher-student romance, guys! Check out LEARNING TO FALL by Jillian Eaton. This new taboo romance sounds awesome, the heroine is the teacher and the hero is the student and I totally love that setup! To give you a sneak peek into the story, here's an except and also a giveaway for a chance to win a signed paperback, enjoy! ;D


There are some lines that should never be crossed...
...and some desires that cannot be ignored. 

Driven, meticulous, and a bit of a control freak, Imogen Finley is elated when her hard work and dedication culminates in a teaching position at Stonewall, a prestigious liberal arts college on the coast of Maine. Everything in her life is going exactly as she planned it… until she meets Daniel Logan. 

Charming, mysterious, and wickedly handsome, Daniel is not the kind of man Imogen ever planned on falling for, but after a chance meeting at a bar that’s exactly what she finds herself doing and he quickly becomes the one thing in her life she can’t control. The one thing in her life she doesn’t want to control.

But as their passion escalates, so does the dangerous situation they find themselves in. Because Daniel isn’t just the man Imogen's falling in love with… he's also her student. 


My hands curled into tiny fists of nervous energy as I waited for Daniel to circle back around to my end of the bar. Despite the number of people lined up for drinks, I didn’t have to wait long. As though he could sense my unblinking stare he turned suddenly in my direction, a half-filled pitcher of beer in his hand. 

Our gazes met. Held. Lingered. I didn’t say a word - over the wail of music pouring out of the speakers Daniel wouldn’t have been able to hear me even if I’d been able to force my paralyzed vocal chords to work - but I didn’t have to.

The unspoken need in my eyes said it all.

He set down the pitcher he was holding hard enough to send beer lapping up and over the edge in a frothy spill of white. Never taking his eyes off of me, he murmured something unintelligible to one of the other bartender’s before he wiped his hands on a dishrag and walked slowly, purposefully over to where I waited, breath held, heart threatening to beat right out of my chest. 

“You’re still here.” He braced his hands on the bar and leaned in close. Close enough I could see the steady throb of his pulse on the side of his neck. Close enough I could smell his scent, a heady combination of pine and sweat that brought to mind a crisp autumn day. “I thought you had to leave. Where’s your roommate?”

“She… she had to go outside. To smoke.”

One corner of his mouth lifted. “Someone very intelligent told me smoking causes cancer.”

“It does.” I bit back a smile, more pleased to be called intelligent than beautiful. I knew some women who would have preferred the latter, but I’d always valued brains over beauty and I liked that Daniel seemed to as well. Shifting my weight, I crossed my legs at the knee as I did my best to appear calm, cool, and collected. “So…you’re a bartender?”  

“That’s why I’m behind the bar.” 

My cheeks heated. “Of course, what I meant was-” 

“Relax, Imogen.” He touched my shoulder, warm fingertips trailing down along the edge of my arm in a gentle caress that ended at my wrist. “You’re like a little fox.” 

“A fox?” I drew back slightly. What was that supposed to mean? Was it a compliment? I always overheard Whitney’s various boy-toys using pet names. Look at you, kitten. Come sit on my lap, lamb. Give me a smooch, dove. I’d thought they were a bit demeaning, but Whitney seemed to like them and so I had never said anything. But fox? Fox was one I hadn’t heard.  

“Yes, a little fox.” Daniel’s hand began to travel slowly back up my bare arm, the pressure of his fingers so soft as to nearly be nonexistent which of course only made me a hundred times more aware of his touch. “Shy and sensitive. Easily spooked.” 

My brow furrowed. That certainly didn’t sound very complimentary.

“Elegant,” he continued in a voice gone dark and deep. All around us sound and time seemed to fade away. He stared deeply into my eyes, once more looking for secrets I wasn’t ready to reveal.
“Perceptive. Lovely.” 

“You… you think I’m lovely?” It was such an old-fashioned term. One that would have undoubtedly sounded contrived were it any other man saying it, but Daniel spoke with such quiet sincerity I knew he meant it.   

His gaze softened. “I think you’re the loveliest woman I’ve ever met. And the loneliest.”

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