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Book Review: THE RUB DOWN by Gina Sheldon

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: 20 April 2015


Dark room

Luke Stratton spends his days making clients moan in pleasure. His hands hold the ability to drive a woman to the brink of ecstasy. As a rule, his professional touch is the only thing he gives any female client. Until a Boston marathon trainee seeks his services.

Bare skin

One year after the tragic Boston Marathon bombing, Alexa Williams must overcome horrible memories of that day. She struggles to put her fear aside to meet the challenge of the run. A rigorous training schedule leaves her body aching, and with Luke’s help, Alexa finds soothing release at The Rub Down. 

Healing Hands

Will Luke hold onto his rules and let Alexa go, or will they be able to cross the finish line together?



When I first read the blurb and saw the cover of this book I was immediately interested in reading it. Well, let's be honest who wouldn't?! The hero is a massage therapist for cried out loud, hehe. So yeah, that was definitely the selling point for me at the beginning but I was really intrigued to see how the story was going to revolve around that fact so more reasons for me to want to read it. Well, I was happy to discover that the story rocked! It was really fun, sexy, light, and the romance between the characters was awesome to follow. Moreover, I was surprised by other components in the story I really appreciated, like themes of perseverance, overcoming fears, and owning/respecting self-imposed challenges/promises. Those things not only made the story more enjoyable for me but also more relatable and significant. Because I think most of us can recall a time in our lives where we've pushed ourselves to accomplish something and worked really hard to make it to the desired "finish line." So for that The Rub Down was a great mix of liveliness and inspiration.

“Stay strong. Don’t let the bastards win. Draw strength from the survivors.”

The mysterious massage therapist in this story is named Luke but don't let his profession fool you, he's sexy-hot man. He's this athletic, independent, funny, caring, and confident man-candy who owns The Rub Down, a very prestigious spa in Boston. It's through his business where he meets the very first woman that makes him want to break his golden rule of never dating clients. Meeting Alexa and being immediately drawn to her beauty and lovely personality throws him off completely so he starts to really considering breaking his rule for the first time ever. The problem is that dating a client may put The Rub Down in danger of a scandal Luke cannot have and even though he wants Alexa more than anything, the risk might just be too great. Yet the temptation is still there and getting stronger by the day with Alexa as both a client and a "friend."

“I pushed my chair out a little bit and reached down to grab one of her feet and pull it onto my lap. Once I had her shoe off, I stroked my finger up the ball of her foot. My thumbs pressed nice and hard up her arch to alleviate some of the pain. Her eyelids fluttered and her mouth fell open at my touch. Her expression made my cock harder than I thought possible. Between her outfit and the look of pure bliss on her face, I was a goner.”

The tension between Luke and Alexa was awesome. They clearly wanted each other but couldn't act on it so the anticipation kept getting hotter and hotter and that was the kind of fun anticipation I love to experience because it got to me too. While they couldn't do anything much about their attraction, they kept busy getting to know each other, flirting constantly, and making the other and myself laugh a lot with the amount of temptations they had to deal with. And when things finally happened between them, I was so happy and excited for them. It was the perfect culmination and the sexiness of it was well worth the wait.

“I’ll take care of you, I promise.” I nibbled my way down her tight stomach, tasting her skin as I went. Her back arched off the bed when I kissed across the top of her panties. I slid my fingers under the thin material, teasing her sensitive skin.”

Lovely, sexy, and a lot of fun. That's how I'd describe The Rub Down and I really enjoyed it. If you ever looking for a love story with light drama, hot and lively characters this book is one to really check out. ;)


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