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Book Review: RIDE STEADY by Kristen Ashley

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: 30 June 2015


The ride of her life . . . 
Once upon a time, Carissa Teodoro believed in happy endings. Money, marriage, motherhood: everything came easy---until she woke up to the ugly truth about her Prince Charming. Now a struggling, single mom and stranded by a flat tire, Carissa's pondering her mistakes when a vaguely familiar knight rides to her rescue on a ton of horsepower.

Climb on and hold tight . . . 
In high school, Carson Steele was a bad boy loner who put Carissa on a pedestal where she stayed far beyond his reach. Today, he's the hard-bodied biker known only as Joker, and from the way Carissa's acting, it's clear she's falling fast. While catching her is irresistible, knowing what to do with her is a different story. A good girl like Carissa is the least likely fit with the Chaos Motorcycle Club. Too bad holding back is so damned hard. Now, as Joker's secrets are revealed and an outside threat endangers the club, Joker must decide whether to ride steady with Carissa---or ride away forever . . .



This book was exactly what I expected, magnificent. A beautiful second chance romance with characters that captivate, inspire, and get so easily into your heart. Also, a story that makes you laugh at loud, get you emotional, and if you're a fan of Kristen Ashley's books, a story that reconnects you with almost all her incredible badass heroes. So yeah, this book brings back KA's magnificent biker world in such powerful ways with yet another heartwarming and unforgettable romance.

“No, you feel it, you share it. Don’t hold back with me, Butterfly.”

The characters. Oh my, the characters in this story and their interactions with each other were amazing! We have Carson "Joker" Steele, a badass biker (from the Chaos Club) who had a very abusive childhood and even though he was able to survive his past, it wasn't without some big emotional scars. That's why during those years of abuse Joker found himself dreaming for better and those dreams always included a girl named Carissa Teodoro. Still, she was a girl he felt he couldn't have at the time so he had to let go the dream of her. It's until several years later that they reunite again by a chance encounter but by then many things have changed in their lives. Carissa is now a single mother of a baby boy and recently divorced from a very bad marriage that left her also scarred. So when Joker enters Carissa's life unexpectedly she's surprised to be so attracted and intrigued by him that she starts to feel something more. Something she's willing to explore even when the idea of a biker in her life terrifies her and excites her all at the same time.

“For the first time since I’d met him, he was grinning. He wasn’t biker handsome. No. He was biker amazing.”

The way these two slowly fall for each other was absolutely heartwarming. Things weren't easy for the them at first or even later on with all the baggage that both carry but when things started to fall into place, when they couldn't hold on anymore, and when they were ready to give their all to be together it was pure magic, pure romance all the way to the end. I think what made it incredibly special for me was how different and yet how similar Joker and Carissa were. Him being the badass, the protector, and the wiser one yet under all that there was a heart that was golden with Carissa, her baby boy, and everyone who cared for him. Carissa on the other hand, she was a complete sweetheart, the girl next door, the good girl that almost seemed fragile yet underneath all that she had enough sass in her to protect both her baby and her biker. It was such a perfect combination with the two of them, a super sweet and powerful kind of love.

“Hey,” he whispered.  
Oh. Wow. 
“Hey,” I whispered back.  
He curled his fingers around the side of my neck and slid them up to my jaw.  
“You good?” he asked.  
I swallowed. Then I nodded.  
“Wanna be better?”  
My belly did a somersault.  
Oh yes. I definitely wanted to be better.  
I pressed a hand to his chest and breathed, “Yes.”  
He dipped his head and I held my breath as he held my eyes and glided the side of his nose along the side of mine.  
Oh. Wow.  
“So fuckin’ pretty,” he murmured.  
“Joker,” I replied huskily.

Now the big reunion! KA is well known for her badass heroes and for also interconnecting her stories, meaning that characters from her previous books are likely to appear in her newest ones. I've read enough books of hers to experience that and get all excited about seeing characters I loved from other series make surprising appearances in newest books. However, the reunion that KA creates here in Ride Steady has to be the most EPIC one. I'm talking about her bringing almost every unforgettable badass hero she's created into this story to make the plot more intense, exciting, and totally swooning. Really, every time I read a name I recognized I was beyond myself with glee and I couldn't wait to see how things were going to play out. :D Moreover, something else I LOVED in this book was the strength of the relationships between all the characters in and out of the Chaos Club. That's because that club is more of brotherhood, a family of bikers that love each other. Brothers that have each other's backs no matter what and are not afraid of anything to protect their own. Those relationships and the words that transpired in between were captivating in a way that they felt absolutely real in my heart. Yeah, that was Chaos and it was so inspiring to see what all those men (and women) stood for and what they represented which was complete and utter loyalty.

Joker’s voice was a quiet growl when he stated, “You know you got my love, brother.” 
“I do,” Tack returned. “And it’s a privilege, Carson.”

This book was an incredible read, I enjoyed it and loved it so much that's my newest favorite addition. Kristen Ashley just knows how to create some of the best character development, plots, and captivating romances. Oh yes, romances that have no boundaries when it comes to fighting for love and second chances. So there you have it, another must-read that will have you falling right in love with all the characters and an intense, exciting, and beautiful quest to happily ever after.♥♥

“It’s was always you. Only you. I was into you back then, Carissa, in a big fuckin’ way.” 
I felt a tear slide out the side of my eye. 
Joker watched it before he looked back to me. 
“And that hasn’t changed.”

Even though Ride Steady can be read as a standalone, I think it will be best enjoyed if you follow this reading order recommendation: (1) Motorcycle Man, (2) Own the Wind, (3) Fire Inside, (4) Ride Steady. That is so you truly experience KA's magnificent biker world! ;)

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