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SOARING by Kristen Ashley 
This is book #2 in the Magdalene series

American heiress Amelia Hathaway needs to start anew. 

Her husband cheated on her, and when everything she wanted in life slipped through her fingers, she fell apart. When she did, she took another heart wrenching hit as she lost the respect of her children. 

When her ex took her family from California to live in the small town of Magdalene in Maine, Amelia decided it was time to sort herself out. In order to do that and win her children back, she moves to Cliff Blue, an architectural masterpiece on the rocky coast of Magdalene. 

Her boxes aren’t even unpacked when she meets Mickey Donovan, a man who lives across the street, a man so beautiful Amelia takes one look at Mickey and knows she wants everything from him. 

The problem is, she finds out swiftly that he’s friendly, he’s kind, but he doesn’t want everything back. 

Amelia struggles to right past wrongs in her life at the same time find out who she wants to be. She also struggles with her attraction to the handsome firefighter who lives across the street. 

But Amelia will face a surprise when her friendly neighbor becomes not-so-friendly. As Amelia and Mickey go head to head, Amelia must focus on winning back the hearts of her children. 

She soon discovers she also must focus on winning the heart of a handsome firefighter who understands down to his soul the beautiful heiress who lives across the street is used to a life he cannot provide.

MONSTERS IN THE DARK Box Set by Pepper Winters
This includes all 3 books in the series
Amazon US * Amazon UK (99¢)

“My life was complete. Happy, content, everything neat and perfect. 
Then it all changed. 
I was sold.” 

Kidnapped. Drugged. Stolen. Tess is forced into a world full of darkness and terror. 

“All my life, I battled with the knowledge I was twisted… fucked up to want something so deliciously dark. But then slave fifty-eight entered my world. “ 

Q may be a monster, but he’s Tess’s monster. 

“After battling through hell, I brought my esclave back from the brink of ruin. I sacrificed everything—my heart, my mind, my very desires to bring her back to life.” 

Q gave everything to bring Tess back. In return, he expects nothing less. 

This is a standalone

“She’s beauty for my ashes. And I’m hope for her heartache.”—Cole Danzer.

I don’t know what makes a great love story. Is it that instant attraction when boy meets girl? The passionate kisses and the fairy-tale ending? Or is it a lifetime of tragedy, paid in advance, for a few stolen moments of pure bliss? The pain and the suffering that, in the end, you can say are worth it for having found the missing piece of your soul? 

The answer is: I don’t know. I don’t know what makes a great love story. I only know what makes my love story. I only know that finding Cole when I did, when Emmy and I were running from a nightmare, was the only thing that saved me. That saved us. He was more broken than I was, but somehow we took each other’s shattered pieces and made a whole. If that is what makes a great love story, if that is what makes an epic romance, then mine…ours is the greatest of them all.

CEMENT HEART by Beth Ehemann
This is a spin-off standalone novel from the Cranberry Inn series
Amazon US * Amazon UK

Lawrence Finkle, known simply to his die-hard Minnesota Wild fans as Viper, isn't used to hearing the word no. He lives his whole life just a little on the reckless side. After all, life is just one big game, right?


When what was supposed to be an innocent bet goes horribly wrong, he’s left to deal with the aftermath—and the guilt. In an effort to make things right the best way he can, he ends up falling for the one person on the planet he never should have.

The old saying goes that two wrongs don’t make a right . . . or do they?

This is book #3 in the Gravity series
#1 Coming In From the Cold (99¢), #2 Falling From the Sky
Amazon US * Amazon UK

For one night she had everything.

Pro snowboarder Stella Lazarus has always loved her brother's best friend. But the one time she tried to show him, she was shot down faster than you can say "competitor disqualified."

Until one blissful night in Tahoe, when Stella finally gets her man.

Or does she? In the morning, Stella and Bear wake up to horrible news. The sort that sends them racing back to Vermont, and straight into the arms of guilt and family obligations.

For all of Bryan “Bear” Barry’s life, three natural laws held true: his best friend Hank was destined for greatness, Hank’s sister Stella was off-limits, and Bear would always manage to negotiate the rocky paths that life threw his way. In the space of two days, that’s all shattered. 

Bear can't believe he slipped up so badly with Stella. Even if his best friend wasn't lying broken in a hospital bed, it would still be unforgivable. Determined to do better, he devotes himself to his friend's recovery, denying himself the very person he loves. And the very thing he needs.

RECKLESS LOVE by Kendal Ryan
This is book #2 in the Hard to Love series but it can be read as a standalone
#1 Hard to Love (99¢)
Amazon US * Amazon UK (99¢)

Cage fighting always came first for him…
Ian’s life is full of sacrifice. His intense training schedule means brutal workouts, no drinking, and worst of all, no pussy. But it’s all worth it because he’s about to go pro. When a tempting young nurse starts working at his gym, he can’t escape the dirty desires clouding his mind, and it’s driving him crazy. He’d love a taste, but he needs his focus now more than ever.

She’s kept her heart on maximum-security lockdown…
Growing up in foster care, MacKenzie learned early on that love was something other people experienced, something she’d seen but never felt. When she meets sexy cage fighter, Ian, she expects nothing more than a one-night stand, but he walks away before they seal the deal. Now she’d like to forget the night they almost hooked up. But she’s just taken a job working at his gym, and despite her efforts to move on, his allure is overpowering. When Ian gets injured, they begin working together on his rehabilitation, and their one-on-one physical therapy sessions are so hot they sizzle, leaving them both desperate for more contact.
The battle for their love is about to become a fight to the finish.

WHEN I FALL by J. Daniels
This is book #3 in the Alabama Summer series but it can be read as a standalone
#1 Where I Belong, #2 All I Want ($1.99)
Amazon US * Amazon UK

For the past nine years, I've kept my heart as far away from my dick as possible.

Those two can’t be anywhere near each other. They don’t play nice, and one of them undoubtedly winds up getting hurt.

Not my dick. My dick is good.

The women I take home know exactly what they’re getting from me—sex. Nothing more. At least, that’s what’s supposed to happen. The sweet brunette from Kentucky I set my sights on tonight shouldn't have been any different. I had her right where I wanted her. Where I needed her. But when my past comes walking into McGill’s pub, the woman in my arms decides to take things to a whole new level, putting me into a situation I never saw coming.

My heart is about to get fucked. My dick can sit this one out.

SHAKEN, NOT STIRRED by Sawyer Bennett
This is book #5 in the Last Call series but it can be read as a standalone
#1 On the Rocks, #2 Make It Double (FREE), #3 Sugar on the Edge, #4 With a Twist
Amazon US * Amazon UK

Casey Markham is a man-eater in a rut. Swearing off relationships may keep her heart safe, but she's beginning to question if her casual flings will ever leave her satisfied. She's wondering if it's finally time to let go of the past and stop letting history control her future. 

Bad boy biker, Tenn Jennings can't get Casey off his mind. A chance encounter with the beautiful blond has left its mark, and now he's determined to prove her wrong about everything she thought she knew about men. 

It’s safe to say… Casey Markham has met her match.

This is book #2 in the Swept Away series
#1 Illusion, #1.5 Charade, #2.5 Masquerade (8 June), #3 Resolution (14 July)
Amazon US * Amazon UK

 When Bianca and Jakob awake on a sandy shore in the middle of nowhere, their first thoughts are of survival. But as they explore their surroundings and try to discover who stranded them on the island, they can’t deny the electricity surging between them. Soon it’s more than just a campfire keeping them warm…

But just as Bianca is starting to trust Jakob, she uncovers a clue to their abduction—and he may know more than he’s letting on. Was Jakob just as surprised as she to find himself alone with her…or could the man she’s fallen for be her captor?

RETRIBUTION by K.A. Robinson
This is book #2 in the Deception series
#1 Deception (99¢)
Amazon US * Amazon UK

When Claire walked away from Cooper, she thought she was doing the right thing, the safe thing. Marrying Robert was supposed to solve all of her problems. 

Unfortunately, Claire’s view of Robert changes from perfect to terrifying when she sees a new side of her husband—a violent side.

The last person she expects to save her is Cooper. When he does, they form an alliance to bring Robert down for not only hurting Claire, but for the death of Robert’s first wife and Cooper’s mother, Marie. 

As Claire digs deeper into Robert’s past, she learns some truths that can never be forgotten. Suddenly, Claire is in danger, and Cooper is the only one who can help her. 

Enter the world of Claire, Cooper, and Robert as new alliances are formed, relationships are shattered, and feelings simmering under the surface are suddenly brought to light. 

Can Claire survive the truth long enough for Robert to finally face retribution for his past?

This is book #3 in the Needle's Kiss series
#1 Tattered Love, #2 Conflicted Love
Amazon US * Amazon UK

Jude and Haven share a secret. One he willingly hides and she tries to forget, but it regardless, it has tied them together.

It's not until their relationship is discovered that Haven has a choice to make. She can pine for the man who walked away or choose a new path.

But secrets have a way of showing themselves, making it difficult for Haven to let go...

And when she does, can Jude live with the consequences?

STAY FOR ME by Megan Smith
This is a Love Series spin-off novel
Amazon US * Amazon UK (99¢)

Eli Sabatino, determined to make a name for himself amid Seaside, New Jersey’s nightlife, has laid out the perfect plan for success. But that plan didn’t include Layla, the hopeful bartender who walked in for an interview. He knows, as an employee, this blonde bombshell is off-limits but he can’t fight the undeniable force of attraction that pulls him toward her.

Layla Del Luca has the weight of the world on her shoulders. With a full course load, a boyfriend, a sister to take care of, and an alcoholic mother, she needs to regain control of her life. Her job at Fierce is priority number one. But a complication she didn’t expect looms behind the eyes of Eli, her handsome new boss.

Emotions collide full force and they can no longer turn a blind eye to what their hearts are telling them.

But, can their passion survive when Eli can no longer promise the one thing Layla asks of him? Will everything change? Will he stay?

NAUGHTY KING by Michelle A. Valentine
This is book #1 in the A Sexy Manhattan Fairytale series
Amazon US * Amazon UK (99¢)

The King Always Gets His Way.
Women, business, pleasure: When I want it, I get it.
I’m never denied.
Including her.
I will break her. 
I will show her who the king of this city really is. 
The Feisty Princess of Manhattan will learn I am not a man that can be tempted.
No matter how fucking bad I want her in my bed.

This is a standalone
Amazon US * Amazon UK

Eighteen year old Tatum Krause wants nothing more than to finish her senior year without any more drama. After the near overdose of her drug abusing mother the previous year, she moved out in the hopes of making something better for herself. However, the week before her final year, she ends up needing the help of a sexy stranger who’s about to flip her world on its axis.

Jacoby Ryan only wants one thing: to forget his past. The last two years have been filled with empty feelings and women in an attempt to stem the heartache and guilt. He’s ghosted blindly through the motions until late one night, he finds a car stalled on the side of an empty highway where he meets a beautiful girl with a haunted look in her eyes.

She has a secret, but so does he. Despite their magnetic pull, the two come to the shocking revelation their relationship isn’t so black and white. Is it possible to fight a bone-deep attraction when the entire universe is telling you it’s wrong? 

STEERING THE STARS by Autumn Doughton and Erica Cope
This is a standalone
Amazon US * Amazon UK (99¢)

Two girls. Two stories. One journey.

Be careful what you wish for…
Aspiring writer Hannah Vaughn worries that she is doomed to live out the rest of her existence in a sleepy Oklahoma town. For as long as she can remember, she’s dreamed of something more – adventure, excitement, intrigue. When her sister invites her to London and she’s accepted to a prestigious writing program at The Warriner School, she jumps at the chance. But will it be epic or an epic fail?

You’ll never know if you don’t try…
Nothing ever happens to straight-A student Caroline McKain and that’s exactly the way she likes it. With her best friend in London and junior year looming on the horizon, all she wants is to remain invisible. So when she is suddenly thrust into the spotlight, she must ask herself: Can an invisible girl really take center stage?

Follow Hannah and Caroline as they navigate the complexities of first love, family and growing up. As their bond is tested, the girls will learn that being apart can ultimately bring you together. Steering the Stars is a fresh, heartfelt young adult story about fate, discovery, and the magic of friendship.

CHANGING TIDES by Sarah Darlington
This is book #2 in the Kill Devil Hills series
#1 Kill Devil Hills
Amazon US * Amazon UK (99¢)

"Nate West. Hollywood bad-boy. Television megastar. Womanizer. Basically everything I hate about the male species rolled into one handsome package. And yet…I want him."

Ellie Turner is a lesbian. She has tattoos, short hair, and a ‘don’t-mess-with-me-attitude.’ She knows who she is, loves who she is, and couldn’t care less what the rest of the world thinks of her. And since she has the most kick-ass best friend on the planet, Noah Clark, even when family drama gets in the way, nothing can offset her happy-go-lucky demeanor.

Until television star Nate West comes along. All thick muscle and alpha-male testosterone. When Ellie meets him on an airplane the only thing Nate West should be good for is a brand new profile picture on Facebook. Right? Wrong. Turns out he’s good for so much more.

This man is going to flip everything Ellie thought she knew about herself upside down.

JACK HAMMER by Tabatha Vargo
This is a standalone
Amazon US * Amazon UK

Blaine Wesley

I’m the Jack Hammer. Exotic dancer extraordinaire. The teaser and the pleaser—the paid for penis for play. I have to be all these things to survive. It’s who I became when I lost her. But now she’s back, and I can’t decide who I want to be more. The Jack Hammer or Blaine Wesley. All I know is she’s foreplay at its finest, and it’s my job to get them wet and ready. 

Chelsey Ford

Liar. That’s what I called him when he walked out of my life. Losing your first love will turn you into someone bitter. Hateful. Angry. But now he’s back, and he’s determined to torture me. The only problem is, I’m enjoying his form of torture too much. And the hatred for him that holds me together is slowly starting to dissolve.

 Pre-Order Available. Get the full list of upcoming releases here.
Mar 18 - Consolation (The Consolation Duet, #1) by Corinne Michaels 
Mar 20 - Pleasured by You (Love in the City #3) by Steph Nuss 
Mar 23 - Burned (Forbidden #4) by Melody Anne 
Mar 24 - Manwhore (Manwhore #1) by Katy Evans 
Mar 24 - After Dark (Night Owl #3) by M. Pierce 
Mar 24 - Easy With You (With Me in Seattle #8.5) by Kristen Proby 
Mar 24 - Fisher's Light by Tara Sivec 
Mar 24 - Revved by Samantha Towle
Mar 24 - Captive (Captive #1) by Brighton Walsh 
Mar 26 - Deep Blue Eternity (Deep Blue Eternity #1) by Natasha Boyd
Mar 29 - Sweet Hope (Sweet Home #4) by Tillie Cole 
Mar 30 - Jake Understood (Jake #2) by Penelope Ward
Mar 31 - Fall with Me (Wait for You #4) by J. Lynn, Jennifer L. Armentrout 
Mar 31 - Crave (The MacKenzie Family #11) by Liliana Hart 
Mar 31 - Deep (Stage Dive #4) by Kylie Scott 
Mar 31 - Where Sea Meets Sky by Karina Halle 
Mar 31 - The Virgin (The Original Sinners: White Years #3) by Tiffany Reisz 
Mar TBA - The Other Man by R.K. Lilley

April 3- Seth & Greyson (The Coincidence #8) by Jessica Sorensen 
April 7 - When I'm Gone (Rosemary Beach #10) by Abbi Glines 
April 7 - The Traveling Woman (The Traveling Duet #2) by Jane Harvey-Berrick 
April 7 - Come To Me Recklessly (Closer To You #3) by A.L. Jackson 
April 7 - The Enticement (The Submissive Trilogy #4) by Tara Sue Me 
April 7 - Silver Bastard (Silver Valley #1) by Joanna Wylde 
April 8 - All I Ever Need Is You (The Sullivans #14) by Bella Andre
April 13 - Only Trick by Jewel E. Ann 
April 13  - Until July (Until Her #1) by Aurora Rose Reynolds
April 13 - Unrequited (Woodlands #4) by Jen Frederick 
April 14 - Beautiful Secret (Beautiful Bastard #4) by Christina Lauren 
April 14 - Asa (Marked Men #6) by Jay Crownover 
April 14 - The Moment of Letting Go by J.A. Redmerski 
April 14 - True Love Way by Mary Elizabeth 
April 21 - Do Not Disturb (Deanna Madden #2) by Alessandra Torre 
April 21- Aflame (Fall Away #3.5) by Penelope Douglas 
April 21 - The Consequence of Loving Colton (Consequence #1) by Rachel Van Dyken 
April 21 - Do Not Disturb (The Girl in 6E #2) by Alessandra Torre
April 21 - Beware 2, The Comeback (Beware #2) by Shanora Williams
April 21 - Beyond These Walls (Within These Walls #2) by J.L. Berg 
April 21 - Remind Me (Chasing Fire #1) by Ann Marie Walker and Amy K. Rogers 
April 23 - Pretty Remedy (Finally Found #2) by S.E. Hall 
April 27 - Sweet (Contours of the Heart #3) by Tammara Webber
April 28 - Black Iris by Leah Raeder 
April 28 - Waiting for the One by L.A. Fiore 
April 26 - Tycoon by J.S. Cooper
April 28 - Broken Juliet (The Starcrossed Series #2) by Leisa Rayven 
April 28 - Overruled (Legal Briefs #1) by Emma Chase 
April 30 - Now Leaving Sugartown (Sugartown #4) by Carmen Jenner

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