Friday, February 13, 2015

Movie Review: FIFTY SHADES OF GREY - Giveaway



Just yesterday I got to finally watch this movie I've been waiting crazy to see and now all I can say is that I was completely blown away by it. I don't think I have ever felt so much anticipation about a movie before; getting into the theater, waiting for the trailers to roll, and then to finally see the movie start was really exciting. Yet, nothing compares to the actual watching of this movie and how it captured my heart and had it beating so hard from the very first scene to the very last one. That was just an exhilarating experience I don't think I'll ever forget.

What I found most striking about the film has to be Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele. She totally did it justice to Ana's character in every way. Her acting was outstanding and so spot on that I felt I was transported right back to the book when I felt everything Ana felt because I felt it once again in the movie by watching Dakota. Really, her portray of Ana's shyness, excitement, playfulness, and even sadness were all so very vivid in the movie that I instantly connected with her. She was just the perfect Ana and I loved how she embraced her to the max by making her look and feel both so genuine and strong from beginning to end.

Now Mr. Grey... Oh boy, talk about intensity. Jamie Dornan really brought to life that intense persona and that seductiveness in Christian Grey's character I loved so much. He made Christian look strong, graceful, and very much enticing as I pictured him in my head and that perfectly blended with Ana's character. Moreover, I felt like Jamie was successful at making Christian feel like the vulnerable man he really was at the end. He precisely showed the emotional conflicts his character was going through and I really liked how he managed to transform Christian's character.

I think before the movie released there was some talk about Dakota and Jamie not having any chemistry in the movie. Well, I cannot negate that enough because the chemistry was all there to me and it was sizzling. I thought the sex scenes were done amazingly well. The movie team didn't shy away from showing the exquisite passion in this book yet they always maintained a balance where sexiness and desire met pure gracefulness. I wouldn't change a thing about those scenes, I think they embodied Ana and Christian's connection truthfully and beautifully. So yeah, they were yummy hot!

My only and very tiny complaint about the movie is that sometimes it felt like the flow of the scenes was a little rushed. Like some scenes needed a little bit more time, more details, or something that connected each scene to the next one in a more seamlessly way. Since I have read the books before that didn't bother me too much really, but I felt that for people who haven't read the book and went to see the movie, they may indeed feel that way and not connect with the story as much. I know that because that's what happened to my husband who went to see the movie with me and had that same complaint and I found that very interesting. Perhaps some critics may feel disconnected with the movie too for those reasons hence their bad ratings. But regardless, hurray to all of us who have read the books. We can truly appreciate this movie and really see its beauty. ♥

So yes, I still strongly believe that this movie did an outstanding job at incorporating the perfect essence of what the Fifty Shades of Grey book is all about. A beautiful and passionate love story. I'm very happy with how this movie made this incredible story even more seductive, elegant, and exquisite in every possible way and very much like the book, it was extremely successful at making me fall hard in love with the characters and the story all over again. It's also so worth mentioning that the soundtracks in the movie are incredible. Each song connected perfectly with each scene in a way that I felt my emotions get amplified as I kept watching. Again, seeing this movie was just an exhilarating experience and I loved it so much. I cannot wait for the sequel!

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  1. I went last night, Feb 11th, and I'm going again with it quiets down. I love every minute of it.

  2. Of course,I'll see the movie :D

  3. I went to midnight premiere and LOVED it! :)

  4. I went to ee the movie this morning at 11 AM as I am older and I did not want to go on Valentine's Day by myself. The movie sticks closely to the book and both actors suited the role perfectly-great job!

  5. I plan on seeing next week after the major crowds

  6. Never read the books but I am waiting to get the DVD to see it

  7. I just saw the movie, and LOVE IT!!!!!!!! really love it, want more!!!!!!

  8. I loved the movie. Dakota and Jamie did an amazing job! It couldn't have been better!

  9. Definitely going to see it, hope it's good.

  10. I plan to see the movie. I'm hoping it lives up to the book.

  11. I will leave it with the book, I always find the book better.

  12. I have yet to read the books and am kind of up in the air about the movie. I like to read romance books but not so into "chick flicks).

  13. Loved it! Waiting for the nxt one already!

  14. seen liked.. thought it could be better

  15. I haven't seen it, probably won't anytime soon.

  16. I really enjoyed it too. Loved Dakota Johnson as Ana, she as brilliant. Her acting made me love her character more than what I did in the books. Jamie wasn't bad either. ;-)

    Sharon @ Sharon's Book Nook!

  17. Already saw it and loved it. My only complain was about the beginning - it was too rushed...

  18. Seen it and loved it. Might go see it again!

  19. I've seen it twice and loved it!!! Here's my quick 5 min review of the movie:

    WOW! To say I enjoyed the movie is seriously the greatest understatement of the year! I LOVED IT IN ALL ITS ENTIRETY!!! Dakota's performance as Anastasia is outstanding and totally stole the show! There has been a lot of doubt about her casting and I would like to set the record straight that she fully embodied the role and brought the character to life! Although we don't get her inner goddess monologues, she was witty and totally held her own!

    Oh Fifty. If it's even possible, I think I've fallen more in love with you... Jamie's electrifying sensuality burns off the screen and boy was I squirming in my seat! *fans self* He is sexy as fuck and does funny things to my lady bits! On the other hand, you can also feel his emotional struggles with his inner demons and it makes your heart ache for him!

    Together, their onscreen chemistry is a sizzling concoction of passion, lust and desire! Speaking of which, the sex scenes are HOLY KINKY FUCKERY HOT!!! Sam's art direction is tasteful, coupled with the amazing score - I was enthralled every single moment!

    Without revealing any spoilers, I can say that there are some scenes that differed from the books but it gels perfectly and you won't be disappointed. As a huge fan of the books, these differences certainly aren't deal breakers and frankly, I really enjoyed one particular "meeting" scene! ;)

    Thanks for the giveaway!