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Book Review: CONTROL ME by Shanora Williams

Genre: Erotica, Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: December 3, 2014


It's hard to stay in your right state of mind when the man you're being penetrated by is everything you never thought you could have.
It's hard to hold onto reality when he hands you an undeniable escape.
He brings you to life and makes you forget who you truly are. There are rules and boundaries of course, but you consider it perfect, nonetheless.

The truth is I'm not completely sane.
I'm not okay.
I have issues.
And he knows this, yet he constantly leads me on.
He dominates me.
He indulges in me.
He craves me. 
But he and I both know how this arrangement will end. I will lose control.
But the control he has over me-- the power he possesses-- is something he won't let go of. It's what he enjoys and he refuses to give it up, that is until he realizes it's putting both of our lives at risk.



Holy hotness this book was H.O.T.! Yes, exquisitely hot and I liked it a lot. It was a very well written steamy story about lustful desires, risky chances, and an impending connection a fragile woman couldn't resist.

Mya Sterling has had a really bad luck at love. Her last relationship left her deeply heartbroken and yearning for what it could have been. So when one night presented an opportunity to help her forget the past and loose herself with a new man that could worship her like she never imagined, she just couldn't pass on that chance to feel wanted once again.

"I didn't know much about him, and he didn't know much about me. Essentially, we were strangers, and that was good. No connections needed to be made. No ties. Nothing. Just sex."

And what an encounter that was, so very passionate and exciting! I loved how that part of the story came about because aside from the obvious delicious sexiness, there was also so much mystery behind the man of the hour. Who was he exactly? Was he coming back into Mya's life after that one night stand? If yes, how? I was wondering about all that when he made his appearance again and he indeed surprised me on how he answered my questions. This time he overpowered his first appearance as he wasn't interested in just another night with Mya. No, he wanted to keep her until he was completely satisfied and had her all out his system. That of course called for an irresistible proposition where both of them were supposed to just satisfy their desires on a fixed time frame, or at least that's what they thought.

"This is what I wanted... more of you," he said as our lips parted. He was breathless, and so was I. But I dove in for more, grinding my womanhood against the rock in his pants."

So Mya gets into this sexual fantasy with Carlos Montero, a man that brings her so much pleasure and makes her become a wanton woman. At first it looked like the perfect arrangement until Mya starts wanting more of what it's expected, more of Carlos, more of a connection, and more time which she feels is running out too fast.

"I wanted him to own me. I wanted him to take me as his--to take all of me."

The story then becomes even more heated, and not only due to the passionate encounters, but because of the different expectations both characters have about their agreement. Moreover, there's so much that is unknown about Mr. Montero that that later threatens anything else him and Mya could ever have. . .

"How could I forget about something so daring and risky, yet so enticing and amazing? The truth is, I wasn't going to be able to. I could pretend it never happened, but I would never forget it."

This book was awesome! I loved the slow but intense buildup of the plot. To me since this is a series, this first book was a great introduction to a very fiery and intriguing story. I can't wait to find out what the next book would reveal and how Carlos' secrets and Mya's issues would get all tangled up together. Furthermore, I can't wait for more of this sizzling passion. This story delivered a kind of hotness that was delightful, enticing, and just spot on and I loved it! ;)

Favorite Quotes:

"How could I forget about something so daring and risky, yet so enticing and amazing? The truth is , I wasn't going to be able to. I could pretend it never happened, but I would never forget it."

"I loved the way he touched me. I loved the way he made me feel like I was his, but also like I wasn't his at all. It was hard to explain and even harder to process, but I enjoyed this... whatever this was."

"He had all control of me now. He owned me... and deep down, I loved the thought of being his possession."


About the Author:
New York Times & USA Today Best Selling author Shanora Williams considers herself one of the wondrous, down-to-earth authors who's all about romance and the paranormal... but of course she always makes room for the many other genres out there.

She's a huge lover of Starbucks and a big kid when it comes to Haribo Gummy Bears. If she could swim in Coca-Cola she would. She's a very avid reader and a fan of many others independent authors.

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