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Book Review: TRASHED by Jasinda Wilder - Giveaway

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: November 25, 2014


I’m nobody. I’m an orphan. A janitor. A college student. A virgin. 
And him? He’s a god. One of the hottest action stars to ever grace the silver screen, huge and muscular and gorgeous and famous. He could have anyone in the world. 
Yet, despite the chasm separating my world from his, I find myself in his hotel room, and he’s acting like I’m the most beautiful girl in the world. I’m not. He’s everything every woman could ever want, and I’m just…me. 


She doesn’t know how sexy she is, and that’s it’s own kind of beauty. But for real, she’s gorgeous. I’ve met some of the hottest women in Hollywood, and none of them can hold a candle to this girl. I want her. And the fact that she’s closed off and impossible to figure out only makes the pursuit that much more intriguing. 
The last thing I expect is for one night of pleasure to turn into something I’m unable to forget, even after she’s gone her way and I’ve gone mine. I can’t forget her, no matter how I try. And the next time we run into each other, I know there’s no way I can let her go again. No matter what it takes. 



This was a very sexy and light read I really enjoyed.  It was a Jasinda-hot kind of book where you know you'll be fanning yourself constantly because of those sizzling scenes you can't get enough of and also a book that gives you a break from emotional turmoils by just delivering a neat and sweet story about a tough girl falling for her unbelievable prince charming

This is the story of Des Ross, a college student with a rough upbringing who has learned to be tough in order to make it in life. Meaning not getting attached to anything or anybody because nothing is permanent and nobody is worth trusting. That was Des' motto and it served her well in protecting her heart until a one chance meeting made her doubt everything.

I’m not that girl; I’m always totally unaffected by guys.  But Adam? He’s all man, all masculinity and raw sexuality and aggressive beauty. And I just don’t know what do.

Meeting an attractive man is one thing but meeting a hunk of a man who happens to be one of the most desired man in Hollywood? That would totally throw off a girl off and that's exactly what happened to Des. Her head keeps telling her to stay away from this gorgeous man but her heart tells her to forget everything and just get over her fears this one time.

Adam Trenton is incredibly hot, intense, irresistible, and relentless in getting Des. The moment he sees her there is no way he can not go after her. She's just too beautiful in her own way and there's this strong pull between them that he can't resist either. The problem is that Des is no ordinary girl; she's tough, stubborn, and very guarded so this time Adam has his work cut out for him but he's more than ready to get want he wants.

“When I see something I want, I make it mine.”  
“And you want me?”   
“Hell yeah I do.”

The story then goes about Des doubting Adam's true intentions and him trying to prove to her that she can actually trust him. So there is this constant push and pursuit between them all tangled up with overcoming insecurities, self-doubts, and hurts from the past. Something I really liked about the characters that they later come to realize is that they both share an ache for real love in the story. An actual ache for a home they can only alleviate when they're together.

Being with you is so…intense…so much…that it’s hard to breathe with wanting it to never end.”

I enjoyed this book, it was a different kind of "cinderella" story. The heroine is not your typical sweet girl, she's tough and not afraid to show it. The hero is more than hot, he's a hunk and a persistent one which I really liked. And their story is infused with passion and light drama that made the story fun and entertaining. So if these are characteristics you look for in your reads then Trashed is totally for you too. ;)

Favorite Quotes:

A kiss is the meeting of lips, an expression of tenderness and affection, a physical demonstration of emotion. A kiss is a mutual act, two people giving and taking in equal measure.

“I want you, Des. All of you. I want you to let me show you how good I can make you feel. I want your skin. I want your mouth. I want your body. I want you.”

Being with you is so…intense…so much…that it’s hard to breathe with wanting it to never end.”


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