Monday, November 10, 2014

1-Year Blogiversary Celebration! - Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 in the Blogiversary Celebration! Today I have 3 amazing authors' books to spotlight and a huge giveaway you won't want to miss! :D

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Laura Miller
I love this author! She writes some of the most beautiful and sweetest stories out there. Her first novel was Butterfly Weeds and then My Butterfly (Butterfly Weeds told in the hero's POV). Check them out and fall in love with her beautiful storytelling! Read an except from Butterfly Weeds here! And also check out her two most recent releases: For All You Have Left and By Way of Accident. I love those books dearly, they're two of my favorites. 

Butterfly Weeds

Julia Lang expected a nice night away from the office—free of thoughts about the case, her failed engagement, her past. But she should have known better. Her past haunted her every chance it got these days, and tonight it came in the form of lyrics she never expected to hear again—not after a decade, not in the arms of another man and definitely not in the form of a confession.

Now, Julia must discover for herself if the song—and more importantly, the man behind it—is enough to leave her new life for her small-town, Missouri roots and a second chance at love.

My Butterfly

From the author who brought you the national bestselling novel Butterfly Weeds comes the heartwarming story of small-town firefighter Will Stephens.

Will Stephens doesn’t chase dreams outside of his small, Missouri town. He’s perfectly happy with his high school sweetheart in his arms, his guitar and his quiet summer nights. But life for Will is about to change. He’s about to find out what it’s like to chase a dream—one he has loved since he first laid eyes on her. 

A firefighter by day and a musician by night, Will balances his dangerous career with his weekend gigs, but his mind is never far from Julia Lang. They said their goodbyes years ago, but Will now hopes a song from their past will help Julia stop and remember a life they once shared together. His only fear is that he’s waited too long to get his song to her ears.

More by Laura Miller

Raine Miller
I'm honor to spotlight this author! She's best known for her highly claimed contemporary series The Blackstone Affair but today I want to share with you her latest book The Muse. This is the prequel in her new historical series The Rothvale Legacy. The amazing thing about this author, besides her writing of course, is that both her contemporary and historical series are connected. Learn more about her series reading order here!

The Muse

What if the truth about a famous painting was not what it’s been told to be? What if it was not even the original work and a different painting had inspired its creation? The story of a painting… The motivation behind the work, Flaming June—Romanticist painter, Lord Frederic Leighton’s magnum opus—a woman sleeping in a chair. Hauntingly beautiful, but with its inspiration locked away in the mystery of times past.

Burdened with family skeletons and agonizing guilt, an unwilling Lord Rothvale, one Graham Everley, returns from a long sojourn in Ireland to attend to the obligations awaiting him in England. The last thing he imagines to find is his destiny, but find her he does. Imogene Byron-Cole, a girl as lovely as her past is tragic. Graham can’t walk away from her, and so he marries her instead, in spite of an increasingly tangled web of troubles that threaten to destroy the very foundation of his entire existence.

As Graham and Imogene start out on their journey together, they express their love through a series of portraits. The art ensnares them completely, and in the end, becomes their salvation, bearing them through their deepest pain of loss, and inspiring a masterwork.

Rothvale Legacy Series

K.A. Robinson
This author just recently released a very hot new standalone romance! Tamed is the fifth book in her emotional and highly rated series Torn. The first three books in the series (Torn, Twisted, and Tainted) are about Chloe and Drake, her first couple. Then Toxic and Tamed introduce two new couples so they can both be read as stand-alones. Right now Tainted and Toxic are on sale at $1.99 if you want to grab them!


Mistakes—my life has been full of them. Time and time again, I’ve tried to change, tried to make the right choices, but it doesn’t matter. I always screw up. 
I hoped that Adam would be different, that he wouldn’t be a mistake. Our relationship was supposed to be about sex and nothing more. 
Fun, easy, simple—that was what we wanted. 
But things are never simple, not for me. 
Adam changed me. He made me the person I am today. I hate who I am and what I’ve become. I'm not proud of the things I've done.
I thought my greatest mistake would be falling in love with him. 
I was wrong. 
My greatest mistake is much, much worse. 
I’ve lost control. 
I have a secret I can’t hide. 
It’s going to destroy everything. 
My name is Amber, and this is my story.

Torn Series

Signed paperbacks of the Butterfly Weeds and My Butterfly by Laura Miller, Signed paperback of The Muse + Swag by Raine Miller, and an eCopy of Shattered Ties by K.A. Robinson
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