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Book Review: HARD KNOX by Nicole Williams - Giveaway

Genre: New Adult
Publication Date: August 12, 2014


Knox Jagger. The name inspires resent in every male at Sinclair University, want in every female, and contempt in Charlie Chase.

Charlie can be summed up in three words: independent, independent, and independent. To Charlie, Knox epitomizes everything that’s wrong with college males: prolific one-night stands, drunken senseless fights, and a body that hints at prioritizing gym time over study time.

As an up-and-coming writer for Sinclair University’s newspaper, Charlie’s tasked with getting to the bottom of who’s been dropping little white pills into girls’ drinks at parties. In an ocean of All-American boys sporting polo shirts and innocent smiles, Knox is the obvious suspect. As evidence piles up against the bad boy of Sinclair, Charlie becomes more and more certain it isn’t Knox. But when her drink is dosed at a party and she wakes up on Knox’s couch the next morning, Charlie’s left with more questions than answers when it comes to Knox Jagger.

How can Charlie ever hope to uncover the truth behind a guy so closed off he’s become . . .

Hard Knox.



What a fun book this was! I laughed quite hard and quite often with these two fabulous characters. Their personalities, their attitudes, their fierceness, and their sharp tongues were really something to behold and enjoy and I totally did!

Charlie Chase is a very independent, brilliant, and witty young lady. She doesn't hesitate a second to speak her mind and her words never come out without some type of fun sarcasm that hits her targets right on the spot. Her attitude is just bold and unapologetic because that's the attitude of the fearless journalist she aspires to be and for that I really liked her. This girl was so funny that the things what came out of her mouth were just priceless.
“People were too anesthetized to the world around them, and it was my goal to crack their numb shells so they’d wake up and smell the reality.”
When Charlie got involved in resolving the mystery behind who is slipping roofies in girls' drinks in Sinclair University her kiss-ass personality came in handy. However, when she ended up being a victim too of the crimes in mystery there was now more at stake than just a journalist assignment. She wasn't safe anymore and the only person to take her back and want to protect her was the one guy she had evidence against.
“My inspection hadn’t gotten far before I locked onto a real bad boy. The icon, the man, the legend . . . the guy who was earning a memorial statue in the bad boy hall of fame—Knox Jagger.”
Knox Jagger is the epitome of a bad boy. He's sexy, strong, fit, desired, admired, and feared. Not many guys dare to get in his way and the ones that do pay the consequences painfully. The ladies on the other hand can't get enough of him. He's exactly everything Charlie would want to stay away from until he becomes her protector. . . or her enemy?

“Knox Jagger was bad boy through and through, which meant I steered clear.”
Regardless her original thoughts, something strong pulls Charlie towards Knox and it's not only their shared desire to resolve the roofie crimes in Sinclair. They realize they're more alike than they thought and their attraction for each other is also more than evident. But Knox continues to be an enigma to Charlie because she only has questions and no answers when it comes to him.
“The white and dark made Knox Jagger one giant ocean of gray I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to swim across.”
I loved these two together, they really fit perfectly in every way. They both talked in the same sarcastic, cynical, and witty language that cracked me up so much. Their banters were hilarious! And their chemistry in general was sweet and intense which I appreciated. Individually they were also great characters. Knox was indeed an enigma for me too. He's a broken character with a past I didn't know what to expect from or how his story was going to affect Charlie but I loved all the puzzles and how they kept me wondering. By the end I really liked how the story came in full circle and how these two characters came to find exactly what they were missing all along.♥
“Ever-after means forever means no matter what. Ever is the glue that brings two broken pieces together, and after is the bond that keeps them that way.”
Great story, great characters, outstanding writing! ;)

Favorite Quotes:

“The white and dark made Knox Jagger one giant ocean of gray I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to swim across.”

“I don’t have to know everything about your past to know I like the person right here in front of me today.”

“If I let myself regret things I’d done, or be ashamed by them, I’d be so busy wallowing in both that I’d drown. I lived. I learned. And then I kept right on living.”

“Ever-after means forever means no matter what. Ever is the glue that brings two broken pieces together, and after is the bond that keeps them that way.”

“Wherever I was, whatever I was here for, I would be okay because he was here. Knox was with me—I was safe.”


About the Author:
I'm a wife, a mom, a writer. I started writing because I loved it and I'm still writing because I love it. I write young adult because I still believe in true love, kindred spirits, and happy endings. Here's to staying young at heart *raises champagne glass* . . . care to join me?

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