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New Release: SWEET PERDITION by Cynthia Rayne - Excerpt & Giveaway

Title: Sweet Perdition (Four Horsemen MC #1)
Author: Cynthia Rayne
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: July 3, 2014

Do you love biker romances? Well, then you're going to like this new release! Sweet Perdition is book one in the new series Four Horsemen MC and it's just $0.99!! And I have an excerpt and giveaway for you to enjoy too. ;)


Librarian Elizabeth Williams is drinking her cares away at Perdition, a notorious biker bar in her hometown of Hell, TX. She meets Ryker, a member of the Four Horsemen MC and they start a fun, sexual fling. Ryker finds himself falling for Elizabeth, but an outlaw has no business with a “good girl”. Hell, he’s not even sure he’d be worthy of one. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is being stalked by her ex and Carl’s behavior is becoming more and more erratic. Can Ryker protect Elizabeth without losing his heart?


What am I doing?

Elizabeth wondered for the umpteenth time tonight as she followed Ryker to his bike in the parking lot. She was a librarian for pity’s sake. She should know better. Librarians and bikers really don’t mix. But she’d been out of her mind when she left the wedding, speeding down the road like a maniac, crying. 

She should have bypassed Perdition and found a nice, safe Applebee’s and ordered a margarita the size of her head, maybe a plate of spinach dip. She could have drowned her sorrows in tequila, carbs, and cheese and gone home with a full belly and a buzz. 

That would have been the smart choice. 

Yet always doing the right thing didn’t seem to be working out either. Tonight, while watching Carl and Lisa on the dance floor together, she’d had an epiphany of sorts. What had being such a good girl all the freaking time got her? Bupkiss. That’s what. She led a boring life. Basically, she went to work at noon, came home around nine, and then made dinner. Rinse and repeat. Elizabeth filled her time with mundane chores like laundry, taking out the trash, and dishes. A wild night for her included going to the Bloody Hell Tea Room in town, maybe ordering a scone with some lemon curd. Not exactly exciting. She was twenty-five, not eighty-five! She should live a little. Something had to change or she’d end up with a houseful of cats, sitting in a rocker on the front porch. 

On the way home after a truly horrible night, she’d decided, on impulse, to do something daring. Something, anything to shake up her mundane little life. 

So she’d stopped in for a beer with notorious bikers. And now, apparently, she’d just agreed to go on a midnight ride with one. Her hormones seemed to be in control tonight and that was kinda fun. Certainly more excitement than she’d had in years. 

She hadn’t dated, or even slept with anyone but Carl and the last time they’d made love had been two long years ago. Not that Carl had been that into her in the first place. She’d noticed early on that he had a thing for Lisa. He’d flirt with her at parties, often asked questions about Lisa’s love life, and kept track of her boyfriends. 

While, she’d been very attracted to Carl, it didn’t exactly rock her world. Sex with Carl had been fine, pleasant even. Sometimes pleasurable. But something had always been missing. It wasn’t like anything she’d ever read in a romance novel. She’d expected fireworks, breathless, writhing need. She’d convinced herself that sort of crazy longing could only be found in her beloved books.

 But Ryker? Ryker made her feel things she hadn’t ever felt before. Just watching the animal way he stalked through the parking lot turned her on. He made her quiver, just from staring at him! He made her stomach flip over and twist itself into little bitty knots. 

Didn’t hurt that he was absolutely gorgeous too. He had big blue eyes and black hair that she wanted to run her fingers through. And, dear Lord, he had abdominal muscles you could grate cheese on. Seriously! They looked sharp. 

 She had to admit the view from the back was just as good. He filled out a pair of tattered blue jeans better than any Calvin Klein model and his black t-shirt strained to contain his muscular arms. Peeking beneath the shirt, she glimpsed the club’s logo on his bicep. On the other arm, he had tattoos of grim, hooded figures on horseback. 

While she followed him, she got a real good look at his worn leather vest. There was a mean looking horse patch in the center, with Four Horsemen along the top. Along the bottom of the vest, a Texas patch. Right below it, another patch, which said Phoenix Chapter. Odd, since last time she checked, Phoenix was in Arizona, but whatever. 

Ryker was a bonafide biker, not a poser. She found that hot and a little scary. Everyone in town knew the Four Horsemen. They blazed around on Harleys wearing leather and not taking crap from anyone, which didn’t exactly lend itself to blending in. The club was the subject of town gossip and rumors. She’d heard all sorts of wild stories! Like they cooked meth, or they owned brothels in Vegas, or they ran an illegal gambling operation. No one knew exactly how much truth lay in any of the rumors, but everyone in Hell loved to speculate. You might call it the town hobby. 

They stopped in front of a sleek bike with red and white accents, from what she could see in the meager light provided by the bar’s red neon sign, which surrounded the club’s name in flames. Hellfire, she supposed.

 “This is Lucy.” He caressed the black leather seat as though stroking a treasured pet. 

"Is that a kind of motorcycle?" She didn't know anything about bikes. Though she thought it was cute....all red, white, and chrome. 

"No, she's a Harley Davidson Softtail Deuce. I call her Lucky Lucille, or Lucy for short. Won her in a game of Texas Hold ‘Em.” He paused a moment. “And before we go, I have to give you the rules.”

Hold up. “Rules? What is it with you and all these regulations? You don’t really strike me as a rule follower.” 

 And frankly that devil-may-care attitude made him an intoxicating mixture of dangerous and exciting. Ryker could be the poster boy for poor life decisions. 

 “I’m not, in general, but these guidelines came straight from Axel, our road captain. He also happens to be my biological big brother so he’d kick my ass to Louisiana and back if I didn’t ride safe.”

“Road captain?” she asked. They had their own lingo, and apparently officers. She’d never have guessed bikers could be so organized.

Until meeting Ryker, Elizabeth’s knowledge about motorcycle clubs had been limited to books and movies. She had to admit she found the notion of a hot, bad boy on a big machine very appealing, but it had only been a fantasy. And tonight? It was reality. 

“Yeah, a road captain is in charge when we go out on a run. Suits Axel well. He’s bossy as fuck. Anyway, I need to give you the 411. First rule of the road, you gotta wear a brain bucket.”

A what? “You lost me.”

“A helmet,” he explained. “Second rule, when girls ride on the bike, they forfeit their panties.”

She must have blanked on that last one. “Excuse me?”

“You heard me. Sort of like paying a toll.” He gave her a salacious grin. “You saw that loooong string of panties strung up around the bar, didn’t you?”

“Yeah.” She scowled. “That’s where those came from?” She hadn’t missed the ladies underwear of every size and description, which had been tacked together starting behind the bar and had extended down the length of the room like some sort of peeping Tom’s idea of a clothes line. “B-but I won this ride!”

“Too bad.” He licked his lips. “No panties? No ride.” He crossed his arms over his wide chest. “Rules is rules.”

About the Author:
Cynthia Rayne is the author of the Four Horsemen MC series. Her first erotic book was written when she was thirteen. Of course, the most risqué thing was a kiss, but it was the talk of her middle school!

She is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in education and writes whenever she can. In her spare time, she enjoys dating, shopping, reading way too many romance novels, and drinking a truly obscene amount of coffee. Find out more about Cynthia Rayne and the Four Horsemen, and signup for the new release newsletter at

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