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Giveaway & Excerpt: THE ONE AWAKENED by Alexandra North

Title: The One Awakened (The One Trilogy #1)
Author: Alexandra North
Genre: Erotic Romance
Publication Date: July 5, 2014

Lovers of HOT romances, here's a new release for you and me!! The One Awakened is an erotic romance and the first in The One Trilogy. The plot sounds really good! Hot, suspenseful, and different because it's about two friends crossing the lines of their friendship through an arrangement that wasn't supposed to last or mean anything more but of course then things get complicated! :D

Enjoy an excerpt and a giveaway to win your own ebook copy of The Awakened with a gift card!


It began a decade ago with a spilt drink and a missed opportunity amongst two people destined to be together. Now ten years on, sexually frustrated Lucia Myers is seeing her friend as though it were the first time… 

Everything changed that Tuesday night when Lucia Myer’s millionaire best friend Sebastian Silver returned home after months working abroad. She took one look at his spine-tingling face and in that moment he stole her breath away, for the second time in a decade… 

As a single-mother, her priorities have changed; the only man in he life is her 3year old son Finn. Encouraged by her girlfriends she’s begun to date, but now, staring at Seb with fresh eyes, his appearance suddenly unfamiliar to her and physique making her mouth water - Lu decides that he should be the one to encourage her inner wantonness. What were friends for - if not to help when one was in need? 

She forms a plan… a proposition of sorts; one night of pleasure, I’m open to anything, with no ties - the text reads. It couldn’t have been simpler. 

She wants to be awakened by someone she can truly trust; one with a skilled repertoire with the ladies and one who will never want more from her – cue Sebastian - the ultimate alpha player! 

Sebastian accepts her offer, but only on his terms, introducing rules that she must adhere to. He decides where, when, and that one night would not be enough to truly take Lucia to new heights and show her how it should be really be done! One month it is then… 

The heat between them is scorching; the constant fight for control undeniable, as they struggle between the blurred lines of the term ‘mates’. Together they sizzle, but apart they are broken. They must become strangers, and forget their friendship to become lovers, for Lucia to fulfill her desires and for Sebastian to awaken her in a way no other man has achieved. 

Soon their time will come to an end; can they ever go back to just being friends? 
Forces from their past and present try to destroy their future and all the while, Lucia has this feeling that she is being watched, by another… 

The One awakened is romantic, seductive, witty, full of angst, and will make you wish you had your very own Sebastian Silver to proposition.


Looking up at the impressive townhouse, I make for the entrance, situated between two large bay trees covered in white fairy lights. I throw one last glance over my shoulder at the limousine waiting behind me, that feeling of being watched is compelling - now or never - then turn and twist the door knob.
The moment I enter Scarlet House I know I’m about to experience a night like no other - the interior is dark, gothic almost in its design; like a luxurious gentleman’s club, with dimmed wall lights and the intoxicating scent of the large display of black orchids on the main desk. Black velvet damask wallpaper drapes the walls, with glossy black and gold Louis XIV replica chairs and a thick black carpet that my Louboutin’s sink into. Deep blues and golds, add warmth to the predominantly noir facade but the ultimate vibe is sensuality, opulence and sex - not unlike what I am trying to create at The Ashton. 
An older, smartly attired grey haired gentleman takes my name at reception before escorting me through large indigo velvet upholstered double doors, into the drawing room and subsequent guest bar. Music fills this space - seductive and intoxicating.
“Table or the Bar Ms. Myers?” His expression is friendly but I’m too on edge to engage.
I choose the bar, easing myself onto a high stool and placing my clutch in front of me. I take a moment to check for Sebastian. He isn’t here… yet.
Surveying my surroundings, the boudoir decor continues with the general ambience, rich and glamorous. The watered silk wallpaper to my right subtly depicts erotic illustrations of Marie Antoinette’s era, in Karma Sutra positions, some of which I have to crook my head to fathom. The exotic music fills my ears, intense and throbbing and sensual. Behind me, there are several couples at tables, transfixed with each other - tactile is the name of the game here. 
The whole place was decadent and purely indulgent, with just enough rakishness to be a fabulously louche atmosphere. I absolutely loved it!
How had I never heard of it before? Because Mrs. you’ve never had a sexy man send you a saucy invitation to meet him here - you’ve never been with a man who’d asked you to be bold!
Fiddling with the pearl drop at my lobe, I moisten my lips and cross my leg over the other, feeling the satin fabric of my coat slide open - I choose to leave it and watch as a young, immaculately dressed barman, heads my way with a tumbler, its rim encrusted with sugar. He places it front of me before smiling appreciatively, “From the gentleman in Room 22.”
My heart begins to pound again. He was here already - upstairs perhaps? 
“What is it?”
“Dark and Stormy.” 
How appropriate. I take a tentative sip, my mouth immediately filled with flavours of warm rum, ginger and zesty lime - the sugar on the edge a welcome sweetener and chunks of ice, soothing the burn of the alcohol. 
I look up into expectant eyes, “It’s good - really good.”
His nod of approval is quick before I’m left to my thoughts. A quick look at my watch tells me I have ten minutes before I need to be in the bedroom - as per his bloody instructions. I have to admit though, I’m enjoying being told what to do for once. Abs was right, there were some parts to submission, which I think I’d be open to.

I wiggle on the seat, the pearl thong was playing havoc in my nether regions - not because it was uncomfortable, entirely the opposite, it was creating delicious pressure around my bottom and vulva and made me want to grind down on that stool to get myself off.
The drink goes down smoothly, in large, quickening gulps, the burn travelling down my throat and warming my chest, where just under my coat, my nipples beg to be touched. It relaxes me, numbing my mind and setting my skin on fire - I’m sure that had been Sebastian’s goal. The 15minutes gives me time to think about what is waiting for me upstairs and makes me wet in anticipation, every minute passing by empowers and steadies me. 
Time to nip to the ladies, before making my way up to him, at last. Slipping off my perch, I notice the couple behind me. The man’s hand rests high on her thigh; her hand openly caresses his face. They look enraptured with one another, teasing and kissing audaciously. My core clenches just thinking of Sebastian upstairs, waiting at my disposal. 
What was this place? 
Sex was the main thing on everyone’s mind here- sex and sensuality - mine included.
The door to Room 22 is an imposing glossy black panelled creation, with a huge crystal handle. It looks like all the others on the corridor but it was unique in that it housed Sebastian, on the other side. Card key in hand, trembling visibly, my stomach in knots I pause - could I really do this? Be this bold?
My eyes drop to my hand before scrunching it tightly around the card, flexing and tightening once again. I take a deep calming breath and sliding that key in and out, sharply - no going back now, I think for the fiftieth time since I’d arrived. The light flashes green on the lock and composing myself, I enter.
Inside the room is dimly lit, candles flaring sporadically scattered at corners, casting an alluring glow amongst the shadows and my eyes take a second to adjust to the light. The room is huge and as opulent as the rest of the town house and at its centre, an ornate four-poster bed takes pride of place.
Was that my voice, all sultry? God I’m shaking - where is he?
“Put your mask on.” 
His voice reverberates right through me, hitting every nerve ending. I shudder, before retracting the satin and lace accessory and tying it behind my up-do, obediently. 
His distinctive scent engulfs me - musk and caramel and masculine, before strong arms fasten loosely at my waist and I lean back into him, letting him take my weight. I feel his hands working the knot free and the sash as it falls to the ground, air hitting my chest and stomach, as the coat gapes. I hear his breath hitch and he lets out a low groan at the revelation of my lack of clothing and smiling, pleased at the reaction, I arch and assist him, shrugging out of my coat, desperate to feel his sexy hands on my body. 
“Let me awaken you.”
My chest expands, nipples ruching in the cold, my whole body screaming out in answer to his words - yes please! Then I feel the wet of his lips on my neck, tickling the soft tendrils there, the swirls of his tongue delicately laving my shoulder and it’s my undoing. 
I spin and force myself into his solid male frame, cocooned in the heat emanating from his rock-solid, muscled body. He is dressed in a black shirt; sleeves rolled back and suit pants and looks mouth-wateringly sexy.
“You look so fuckable,” he breathes, stepping from the shadows.
“I was thinking exactly the same thing.” The words fall from my lips without a thought.
He’s practically on me, in me, my senses are on high alert and finally I’m given the chance to see his gorgeous face in all its glory. In that moment I do not see Sebastian my friend, but the stunning and suggestive man who’s lured me to this hotel; a man who makes me feel things I’ve never felt before. Someone I trust to show me pleasure I’ve only ever achieved with him.
I feel my clit throb in reaction to our words and the impact of this delicious man. 
Through the lace I can make out his liquorice eyes, glittering with fire in the dark. They travel up and down my body, assessing the seductive lingerie he’d purchased for me.
“I knew these would be perfect for your shape - show how sexy you are.”
His hands cover both breasts in unison, his moan of passion released as he cups them, before elongating my nipples and rolling them leisurely. I cry out, shaking at the sensations flowing through me, triggering shockwaves to all my feel-good zones.
“Beautiful.” Placing a kiss softly onto my nose he whispers. “Tonight is the next step towards showing you how sexy you are. Now, no more talking.”
Dropping to his knees I feel his hot mouth at my stomach and my breath quickens and I wrap my hand onto his head, “You smell so good.”
I inhale as his tongue trails along the top of the suspender belt, his hand reaching to brush softly against my inner thigh, following the line of the bondage strap there, tickling the edge of the lace stocking, and stretching my legs further apart. His palm flattens over my v, cupping me, before slipping his fingers down, in search of access. The purposely-designed hole between my legs is gaping, now I’m pushed wide, open to his eyes. Touch me please.
His fingers dip, deliberately avoiding my pussy and knuckles graze against the pearls. He traces one tip across the rope, in a sweeping motion, causing small vibrations to ricochet up towards my clit and I moan at the contact - at last.
“Did this feel good Lucia - rubbing between your legs?”
I bite my lip, at the exquisite sensations he was creating with the friction over the pearls. “Yes.”
“I can’t hear you.”
“Yes.” It comes out on a sigh.
“You’re so wet for me already Baby.”
I squirm under his touch and throw my head back - his words are dirty and forbidden; they turn me on. I plead for him to bring me off, I’m nearly there and sense the coolness of a pearl being rubbed into my clit, the strand now pulled to one side, more malleable.
“Ahh, Seb!” My hands run over his head, his own cupping my behind, forcing me into his face. His mouth is inches away from my clit, whilst his fingers work their magic - reach out with your tongue and lick me, I beg silently.
His finger dips from my cheek further around, underneath, temptingly tracing my anus, placing pressure there, circling gently and I flinch just before his wet moist tongue swoops in and suckles over my erect nub, washing over it- my knees buckle, I’m soaring. His finger presses further and I reach my climax - the pearls rubbing every sensitive nerve. My pussy aches to be filled as I pant with desire - I’m out of breath. 
“Oh God!”
I reach back, running my hands over my hair, the mask still in place - I’m trembling. Sebastian slips the panties down and over my shoes, leaving the fabulous footwear in place, and leads me towards the huge four-poster, laying me gently within its centre. I hear his clothes, being discarded, and the weight of him as he joins me on the bed. Immediately I’m lifted to a sitting position, where I can see he is entirely naked and extremely hard, his cock jutting engorged and huge in its erection. I raise my hand to touch him and am immediately ceased by his. 
“Not yet Baby.” Control is there at the forefront again but this time I like it.

About the Author:
... is an Indie author of romance and erotic romance. She lives in the rambling lush hills of Yorkshire, UK with her swoon-worthy husband, two children and two guinea pigs Barry & Boris. She admits quite openly to being 'a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind' and when not writing, works as a Graphic Designer & Illustrator, something she's done for the past 20 years.

Other 'broom up the bottom' jobs include; mum's taxi, cooking and cleaning, cake baking, family therapist and complaints letter writer, for all and sundry - she's the one who won't take no for an answer! In between everyday life's tasks, she tries to lose herself with her secret lover 'monsieur kindle'- sssh... don't tell Mr. North.

Writing was always a hobby and took a back seat to University, work, parenthood and unfortunately later, chronic long-term illness. One day she woke and thought 'life's too short - I'm going to finish that blummin book!'

She now devotes her time to writing love stories full of humour and naughtiness. When she isn't manically typing away or trying to be the model wife and mum, Alexandra can be found shoe shopping (shoes are her weakness), cosying up with back-to-back TV series and enjoying her very own Sebastian Silver.

Find Alexandra North on:

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