Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Book Review: BEWARE by Shanora Williams

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: June 3, 2014


Ace is bad.
Very bad.
After losing my brother, I know I should stay away. So why can’t I?
He’s irresistible. He’s confident. He’s amazing… but he’s dangerous.
He was there the night my brother was murdered. He watched it all go down.
I should stay away. The things I saw weren’t acceptable. 
I should want Ace as far away from me as possible—I should consider him a monster and a threat—but when my life is at stake I know I no longer have a choice of the matter. He's the only one that can protect me. 
He's done what he can to keep me out of danger, but it's not enough. I need answers. I need the truth. He refuses to give it to me, and because of that I don't trust him. He refuses to tell me what really happened and to just forget about it but I refuse.
I won’t back down until I get answers.
But there’s one thing wrong with getting too many answers. It leads to lies. It leads to trouble. It leads to danger. But worst of all, it leads to me falling deeply and madly in love with him.
I’ve gotta be out of my mind.



I have to start this review with this quote from the author:
"This is a story full of dishonesty. Disloyalty. Broken hearts. Pain. Suffering. Lies. Destruction. This isn’t a fairytale love story. This is real. And it just might break you. You’ve been warned…BEWARE."
This story was indeed not a fairytale story and I freaking loved that about it! As a romance genre reader I love stories with romantic plots that make my heart melt but I also love stories that may not be as romantic but are ten times more intense, passionate, raw and get my heart racing nonstop. Beware was exactly that kind of book for me. A book that made me feel such a range of emotions from feeling conflicted towards the characters to truly appreciate that not all romances need to be perfect to be epic.

This is London Stallone's story. A story of a sweet young lady who has lived the pain of tragedy in her past but was lucky enough to have the love and support of her dear brother Jonah to overcome it all. Regrettably, tragedy strikes London's life again when her brother is murdered and she's left alone, confused, and in serious danger. And the one and only person that can protect her is the one she shouldn't trust. . .

Donovan "Ace" Crow is dangerous, intimidating, crude, and a son of a bitch yet he's still down right irresistible. He knows a lot about what led to Johan's death but he's not willing to share any information much less with London. He has his own reasons and taking London under his protection both works in keeping the promise that he made and in helping with his plan. What he didn't anticipate was that his intense attraction for London would get in the way and mess with everything.

In trying to find answers, London gets closer and closer to Ace and her attraction for him just grows stronger. He's not sweet or charming instead he's arrogant and domineering so she doesn't understand why she's so drawn to him. Well, it might have been that he's gorgeous, elegant, and a complete seducer. A man in complete control but even London knows that she's having an effect on him and she's more than ready to take advantage of that.

London and Ace then enter a incredible passionate journey where trust is in the balance. None of them can trust each other but as the connection, emotions, and need for each other grow stronger they would have to decide what's more important to them. The need for answers or need for power?

I loved London and Ace together! The sexual tension between them was so good and then their passion was just delicious. London was such a strong heroine with Ace and that was exactly what made him fall for her so deeply. She showed courage, tenacity, and the vulnerability required to break Ace's walls. Ace on the other hand was a complex character for me because my feelings towards him were all over the place. I continuously swoon for him but I also hated him at times. He was just an irresistible arrogant bastard who goes through a beautiful transformation in this story. By the end the way I looked at him completely changes because he captures my heart and I'm left loving him.❤️

This was an extraordinary read with amazing passion, heart stopping suspense, and starling twists. I loved every part of it even the parts that broke my heart. Definitely a read recommendation from me!

Such a beautiful story that left me with this thought in mind: "Where there's love, there's always redemption." ~Nancy

Favorite Quotes:

“The intensity builds between us. It boils in the air, lingers in my lungs. My chest heaves as a small smirk forms on his lips.”

“You don’t scare me,” I whisper. Revealing a simple dimple, he says, “Really? ‘Cause you should be terrified.”

“He’s arrogant. Stubborn. Too much of an asshole to be liked. A dickwad. But, through it all, he’s absolutely gorgeous. Too damn gorgeous.”

“Being around him gives me these feelings… feelings I can’t really control.”

“I don’t want to get close, but the closer I get, the less I feel like I’m a monster or a threat. The more I feel… alive. Human.”

“There are no words to describe us. We’re both torn. We’re both broken beyond words.”

“Him… he’s like a drug. I’m addicted. He’s addicted. We’ve both just overdosed.”

“Why does loving him have to be lethal? A risk?”



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