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THE REMEMBER TRILOGY by T. Torrest - Reviews, Excerpt, & Giveaway

The Remember Trilogy is a series I loved! It's a second chance story and it's funny, intense, angsty, and sexy. I totally recommend it! And you can now get the complete trilogy in a box set for $4.99. Check out my reviews, an excerpt from Remember When 1, and enter in a super cool giveaway. ;)


Oh my, this book made me so happy!

The whole book is a look into Layla's past from 1990 when she was starting her senior year in high school. And that was the year she met Trip, a very famous and desirable Hollywood star.

Layla and Trip became the best of friends but both knew there was more to it than friendship yet neither of them dared to acknowledge it. Throughout that year, Layla struggled with her feelings for Trip and the fear of her life changing completely after graduation.

This book was so cute and sweet but mostly hilarious. The comedy in it was outstanding! It totally cracked me up more times that I can count. Layla's peculiar way to narrate and her eighties references were just too damn funny.

As for the characters, I really loved Layla. She was so quirky, sweet, funny, and strong. Anyone could easily relate to her story as she tried to cope with the choices she had to make, the changes she had to accept, the loses she had to endure, and the fears she had to overcome. So I'm really looking forward to her happy ending in book three.

Now Trip, he was definitely eye candy for sure, yum! From this book I could easily see how his confidence, striking good looks, and talents made him to be a Hollywood star that we'll see in Remember When 2. However, when it came to Layla I wish he had been more upfront and honest with his feelings for her. So in the book two he has yet to steal my heart!♥

Even though the book ended in a cliffhanger, one that we already knew from the synopsis, the story leaves you with hope and eagerness to know what Layla's present has in store for her. I can't wait to start Remember When 2 so I'm diving right in! :)


Talk about an impossible romance!

In Remember When 2 Layla is now telling the story in the year of 2000. So nine years have passed since the ending of Remember When 1 and during that time there was no Layla and Trip...</3 They reunite here again but their timing couldn't be worst. There are a lot of misunderstandings from their past and major obstacles between them now in the present. Yet their feelings for each other are still there so to stay together they have to confront their fears and realize how much they need each other.

This book was so different from the first one in many ways. First, the tone was more mature since Layla and Trip are now in their twenties and life isn't as carefree as it used to be in their teenage years. Second, the story was more focused on Layla and Trip and less on other secondary characters (the hilarious Lisa still made some appearances though, I love her!). Third and most importantly, there was so much more angst in this book than in the first one. That made me feel nervous while reading because the tension and suspense were really high; I really didn't know what was going to happen! Oh, and I cried too...there were very special and touching moments that blew me away and other moments that were too damn sad.

Layla was still the funny and quirky character that she was in RM1; however, as an adult now she was also a little more insecure and a lot more stubborn than before. In several occasions, I really wanted to smack her on the head to get her to see some reason. But she was struggling with the choices she made in her life so far and questioning if she was indeed happy with hear life. Therefore, in such turmoil I totally sympathized with her. Also, that's the drama of the story and what made it so fabulous! :)

Now let's talk about Trip Freaking Wiley! He did it, he went and did what he was supposed to do: steal my heart!♥ In this book I was able to understand things from Trip's point of view and boy was I wrong before. He really opened up and put himself out there for Layla this time, he was so sweet and funny and ten times sexier now in his twenties. I loved how my perspective about him changed after reading this book; that truly shows how real the story felt and how invested I got with the characters.

I really loooved this book, it had the perfect drama, comedy, and the characters were just outstanding. The chemistry between Layla and Trip it's truly special, real, and beautiful. They are complete soul mates. That's why the cliffhanger at the end almost killed me and again I'm dying to know what's going to happen to my dear couple. But I know that Remember When 3 is going to be amazing with the epic finally that Layla and Trip deserve!♥


A sweet conclusion...

After reading Remember When 2, which ended on a cliffhanger, I was dying to read this book and get the so anticipated happy ending that Layla and Trip's story deserve. And I got it!

Their story has been a tough one with the many years wasted, the misunderstandings, regrets, and longing for a future together. That's why in Remember When 3 when they reunite again by a tragic occurrence (after four years following the ending of Remember When 2) Layla and Trip decide to not waist any more time and finally fight for their love.

The wittiness and banters between them continued in this book and they were funnier than ever! I really enjoyed all their interactions aside from being so hilarious, they truly showed how perfect they were for each other. And that's what's so magical about this story, I think, because no matter the years, the time, or the struggles Layla and Trip were always soul mates and so meant to be together.

However, they never thought that being in the relationship they always yearned for would be so challenging. Their past regrets, resentments, and choices get in their way again. Moreover, Trip's Hollywood world really puts their love and resistance to the test. But no relationship is easy so they'd have to learn to let go and and simply fight harder for each other.

I loved Trip in this final book. He proved himself to Layla like never before with both words and actions. He was a total sexy Romeo in my book! I was so happy to see Layla more mature and determined this time which at the end it totally paid off.

Now the ending I thought it was sweet and promising, it gave me the warm peace I needed. Now I know that Layla and Trip are finally happy and are going to be happier in their beautiful foreseeing future.

This trilogy has really been for me about learning how to truly love someone, how to let go of the past, embrace the present, and celebrate the future. It was a beautiful and super funny series, I recommend it! :)


Remember When 1

I’d been ripping little pieces off my pretzel and trying to pop them unnoticed into my mouth. I was mid-chew when Rymer reached across the table to grab my stack of napkins. Cleaning sauce off his Oxford, he suddenly decided to switch subjects. “Oh, hey Warren! You meet Trip yet?”

I was caught off guard enough to almost choke, but luckily, I caught myself. I still had a mouthful of food, so I shielded my lips with my hand and answered as best I could. “Uh huh. We’re in Mason’s together.” Then, I swallowed and was able to nod in Trip’s direction to add casually, “How’s it going?”

The guys were still laughing at the big, red stain that Rymer was unsuccessfully trying to wipe off his shirt, so Lisa and I were the only ones to absorb the full force of Trip’s lazy grin when he replied, “It’s good, Layla. How’s it going for you?”

I almost died at the way he said that, looking right at me with half-lidded eyes and those perfect, full lips smiling out my name. I felt Lisa kick me under the table, so I knew she caught it too. Oh my God. Was he flirting with me? As intrigued as I was, my survival instincts quickly won out. The guys would never stop busting my chops if they caught me flirting with the new guy. I smiled politely and offered evasively, “It’s good.”

Just making courteous small talk, right?

About the Author:

T. Torrest is a New Adult fiction writer from the U.S. She has written many books, but prays that only a handful of them will ever see the light of day. Her stories are geared toward readers of any age that know how to enjoy a good laugh and a dreamy romance.

She likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. She's not much into health food, but she does enjoy talking about herself in the third person. A lifelong Jersey girl, she currently resides there with her husband and two boys.

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#3 - Remember When 3: Amazon * Amazon UK * Paperback
Trilogy Box Set: Amazon * Amazon UK ($4.99)

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