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Book Review: ALLURE by Nina Lane


"We both want this so badly. I can feel it resonating between us like the hot pull of our first attraction, tangible and intense." 

After lies and betrayal almost destroy their marriage, Dean and Olivia West reignite their blissful passion. The medieval history professor and his cherished wife are determined to fix their mistakes and fall madly in love all over again.

Then a family crisis forces Dean back into a feud with his parents and siblings, dredging up guilt over a painful family secret. Liv and Dean have battled obstacles together before, but with bitter family conflicts now endangering their fragile intimacy, they soon must struggle with events that could damage them in ways they had never imagined.




Allure stirred my emotions like no other book has done before. Through out the book I felt on a high of emotions from overwhelmed with joy to devastatingly sad. But on both instances it was how the intensity of those emotions increased as I read that completely blew me away. By the end I was extremely emotionally involved with story and the characters that I couldn't believe I finished the book already. You know, that feeling of forgetting about reality because you're fully submerged into the story? That's exactly how I felt and I love that feeling!♥

In Arouse Liv and Dean were introduced as this happy married couple that lived in bliss. All that changed when secrets and temptations came to threaten their marriage. Now, in Allure they're still trying to make sense of their past mistakes with the goal of moving forward. And in doing so they deeply reconnect again emotionally and physically as husband and wife. This book is precisely about that, Liv and Dean being together again, holding and protecting their love like never before. 

However, they now confront a new challenge in their marriage but this time they decide to welcome it and actually prepare for it. Things are not easy for Dean though, he struggles with guilt and the need to protect his wife now more than ever. Liv on the other hand, is trying to learn to be more independent and believe in herself. Unfortunately, at one point both of their plans collide and one of them has to give in and let go in order to work out all their conflicts. 

Around those difficulties and through the book there was so much beauty, love, emotions, tenderness, togetherness, passion, and of course intensity. All of that was what made me fall in love with this book. There was dual POV and it was perfect as I got to live both Liv and Dean's emotions to the core of my heart. Moreover, my favorite parts were when I got to see how Liv and Dean fell in love before they got married with alternations from the present to the past. There was some of that in Arouse but I think in Allure it was more integrated and intensified into the story. Because of that it was impossible not to fall in love with Dean and Liv and wanting so badly for them to be happy.

I really liked Liv in Arouse but now after Allure, I love her! She really proved herself to be an extraordinary wife. In beautiful ways she became Dean's protector and made very tough decisions for the better of their marriage. It was fascinating to see her transform from fragile and insecure to a stronger and braver wife. Yep, Dean is a very lucky man! ;)

Still, no one is luckier than Liv for having Dean West as her husband. This man is totally on my top list of favorite book boyfriends ever!! Dean outdid himself completely with the romance, seduction, possessiveness, sense of responsibility, and absolute devotion to his wife. His love for her was so raw and palpable that he made me cry quite a few times out of pure emotion. That's why it was tough to see him battle between being the hero he always thought his wife needed or letting her grow wings to fly high...

The ending left me a little anxious for more but mostly I felt overjoyed and hopeful. The meaningfulness of it was so touching and it reassured me once again of the strength and beauty of Liv and Dean's love for each other. It totally melt my heart!♥

This is an emotionally packed sequel from beginning to end. One of my favorite books now for sure so definitely a must read for me! 

Favorite Quotes:

“I’ve spent the last weeks craving exactly this—the press of my husband’s powerful body against mine, the full weight of him on top of me. I’ve longed for him to take me, reclaim me, promise me I will always be his. I’ve been desperate to surrender to him again.”

“I loved his brilliant mind, loved both the impenetrability and sheer dorkiness of medieval history. I loved the way he looked at me, stroked my hair, kissed me. I loved the million beautiful ways he made me feel.”

“Before her, I had never known a woman who could make the noise of the world and everyone in it disappear. I’d never wanted to prove myself to anyone the way I did to her.”

“You and me, beauty,” he reminds me, his eyes gentle.
“You and me, professor.”

“I knew we were meant to be together. I knew our love would burn as bright as the stars, no matter how dark the night became”

“Our relationship, our love, cannot and will never be perfect. It will, however, always belong only to us in all its flawed, intense beauty. Perfect in its very imperfection.”




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